2019 Women’s Self Care Conference in Ontario

Women’s Self Care Conference 2019 at the Marconi Club of London

Saturday, October 19th 2019 

Deb Crowe has brought the Women’s Self-Care Conference back to Ontario for it’s Second Annual in her home city of London, Ontario!

You may have seen highlights from the conferences in Alberta and Nova Scotia with such amazing feedback it was time to bring this inspirational day of self-care right back to where it started in Ontario last fall.

Your day will be filled with fun, movement and connecting with the speakers, other guests, and vendors. Most importantly, you’ll walk away with self-care action items you can use in your life on a daily basis!

Partial proceeds from this event will be donated to: Atlohsa Family Healing Services Inc.

Our Speakers for the Day

Deb Crowe is not only the founder of the Women’s Self-Care Conference, but she’s also a Certified Professional Coach, Author, Speaker, Yoga teacher, and Self-Care Guru. Deb is also one of the first in Canada to be certified as a Habit Finder Coach from the Og Mandino Leadership Institute, her specialty is coaching leaders, executives and their teams.  Deb is a vivid visionary who loves to inspire her audience and her message that has now been taken across Canada of “Self-Care is not Selfish” will be further discussed.  Deb will also give you tools for implementing self-care into your life and she will give you insight on how to create your life by design.

Nicole has made it her mission to educate herself and inspire those who battle with weight, emotional eating, body image and self-worth. She has obtained numerous certifications in Nutrition Coaching, Life Coaching, Holistic Lifestyle and Stress Management, as well as being a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor Specialist. Her passion for total body health, coupled with a deep desire for helping others succeed, led Nicole to open her own business in 2018 – Nicole Kirchner Nutrition & Wellness Coaching. She provides a variety of coaching services including one-on-one individualized coaching, online support programming and wellness events.

Bobbie Breckenridge is a heart-centered entrepreneur, personal development coach, and motivational speaker. Her mission is to help foster innovative paradigm shifts in the mental health and business industries and to build holistic community initiatives that serve the public in a meaningful way. Through her personal journey towards self-healing, Bobbie brings over a decade of expertise in self-care, self-love, and diving deeply into the unhealed aspects of people’s lives in order to facilitate personal transformation that allows one to incorporate their deepest passions and values into their life circumstances.

Katherine Lewis is a strong and proven sales professional who one day woke up DIFFERENT.  For the first time ever, she understood her worth.  She valued the quality of her life over the inequality of the corporate world. So she QUIT. Katherine will navigate you through her sales world with a life-changing situation to finally acknowledge and understand her decision that she is MORE.

Linda Amour Grant is a woman of many hats…Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), and an active member of the community, church, and a number of charitable and philanthropic organizations. She also holds a license for Life and Living Benefits Insurance. Linda has a holistic style and believes your finances are only one part of your life, but they need to be viewed in context when looking at all aspects of your life. Working with Linda is like working with your own personal consultant – There is no such thing as a stupid question – She believes in educating her clients; helping them achieve their dreams, and providing the best experiences of customer service.

Dr. Ravi Mohan is a Radiologist at Toronto General Hospital. He has specialties in both diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine.  Ravi will share his own personal health story and his amazing presentation on health, nutrition, and how inflammation affects our body (Version 2.0!). Ravi was well received last year and was requested to return by our attendees at the 1st Annual!

Laura Crowe is back again this year as our MC. Laura warmed the hearts of all who attended last year at the 1st Annual! Laura is a student at King’s College in London, ON currently completing a double major in Social Justice & Peace and Political Science. Laura is also active with the NDP in Ontario. Laura’s long term goal is to attend The Monk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy in Toronto and complete her Master’s & Law Degree.

Self-Care Ambassadors

The Self-Care Ambassadors for the Second Annual Women’s Self-Care Conference in Ontario make the daily choice on a to put themselves on their to-do list while going above and beyond to inspire others to do the same!

Deb Crowe Self-care Ambassador Ontario Women's Self Care Conference - Karah Blandford

Karah Blandford is a motivator, writer, and domestic abuse survivor. Through many years of hardships in personal relationships, Karah has become a woman that speaks her truth and arms women with the knowledge they need to take that step for themselves. She believes that vulnerability doesn’t have to be a scary place, and crafts her writing around navigating through a lifetime of trauma, PTSD and abuse.

Deb Crowe Self-care Ambassador Ontario Women's Self Care Conference - Magda Perri

Magda has long been conscious of how she nourishes her body and soul and prefers holistic approaches to health and wellness. She is currently working towards incorporating her deep interest of alternative medicine into a wholesome business, she is also deeply invested in helping others flourish.

Deb Crowe Self-care Ambassador Ontario Women's Self Care Conference - Josie Blake

Josie has been working as an ergonomics consultant for the past 5 years and variety is key for her when it comes to her self-care regime. Even though Josie is working towards becoming more consistent in her self-care activities, she’s still discovering ways to change it up on a regular basis and stay motivated.

Deb Crowe Self-care Ambassador Ontario Women's Self Care Conference - Bobbie Breckenridge

Bobbie Breckenridge is a heart-centered entrepreneur, personal development coach, and motivational speaker.