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Balancing a Female Boss

Have you ever felt that you just don’t fit in? That’s been my whole life. What I discovered is that I am not meant to.

Leaders are meant to lead not follow. Leaders can certainly be great team leaders or a team player, however, if the team leader is a female without confidence and an ego bigger than the planet earth, you don’t have a hope.

Women with leadership skills who have a female boss, well this is a disaster waiting to happen. Confidence and leadership go hand in hand. Women in leadership positions should promote, educate, advocate, coach, mentor and rise their team up. This is not always the case. I’ve had my share of “not so nice” female bosses and today, I am thanking all of them for telling me that I “just don’t fit”. You’re so right!

I felt compelled to write this blog after reading the article that went viral from the Fortune website where PowerToFly President Katharine Zaleski admitted: “I didn’t realize how horrible I’d been – until I had a child of my own.” Her article touched me so much because I felt it took a lot of guts and true grit for her to admit what she did was truly wrong. The image and thought process she had of working mothers and the unkindness she showed to her female co-workers all at an executive management level, was just simply disrespectful and mean. It’s take a big person to admit their wrong and the internet is no small arena to profess your sincerity or apologize to those women!

If you are a woman in a management position, the old cliché of treat others the way you like to be treated fits quite well. However, why is this is not the case? Is this due to their lack of confidence? Self-esteem? Where are the soft skills of communication?

Was that the leadership style taught and mentored to them? I speak to many women over the course of a week and have worked with women from all over the world which has been a true privilege for me as an entrepreneur. My true passion is for the women who have failed, fallen, got back up, been treated poorly, spoken down to, only to resurface with a huge smile on their face shouting “I’m back!” These are the true superwoman heroes in my book. They don’t let another woman’s insecurity take away from who or what they are and represent.

Welcome to the level of Renaissance and I am happy to be among you and your company!

To all my female colleagues around the world, I am honored to be among your company, embrace your skill set, share your inspiration, be in awe of your power and only get better each and every new day! Continue to be the Queen of getting back up, stand on your strong two feet, balanced and ready to take on the world. Don’t be afraid, as no one will or can take your power away from you!

Round hole? Square peg? Perfect scenario. You’re not meant to fit or conform.

Go. Be. Do. -Mama Deb

This blog is dedicated to my last boss, Mr. Steve MacClure. In 1990, he said to me, “You need to be an entrepreneur and run your own business”. I started my company Davwill Consulting Inc. and what a milestone moment that was. It’s been 25 years and quite the ride! My company name is named after my Dad, David William who passed away in 1987. It’s hard losing your Dad at 21 years of age, however, I’ve kept spirit and entrepreneurial passion alive in me! ♥

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