Work-Life Integration Profile

Take Deb's Work-Life Integration Profile to find out if you're on the right track or need to re-route!

I have an inclination that I have next to zero authority over my work life.

I consistently appreciate leisure activities or interests outside of work.

I frequently feel regretful on the grounds that I can't set aside a few minutes for all that I need to do.

I every now and again feel on edge or surprise in view of what is going on at work.

I normally have enough time to spend with my friends and family.

When I'm at home, I feel completely relaxed, maybe even Zen!

I have sufficient energy to accomplish something only for me consistently.

On most days, I feel overpowered and over-submitted.

I once in a while lose my temper at work.

I never utilize all my apportioned vacation days.        

I regularly feel depleted – even right off the bat at the start of a work week.

More often than not, I work through my lunch break.

I once in a while pass up imperative family occasions on account of work.

I as often as possible consider work when I'm not working.

My family is regularly angry with me about how much time I spend working.