Spiritually Balancing Your Mindset

This week, I am truly honored to have Dr. Josefina Monesterio as my guest blogger. She is in her 70’s but you would never know it! Her energy, passion, motivation, and approach to life is truly inspiring! Enjoy her blog! She is a force to be reckoned with! Check out her new book (link below) #fitfab70s #healthiswealth #movement #strongfitwomen #ageisanumber

Spiritually Forever Young

The goal

Develop a higher point of view. Have the attitude that every day you are developing and perfecting because God is working through you, and you are doing it for his pleasure and delight. Having a higher point of view is a delight.

The Spirit governs all that is under it: body, mind, and emotions. A person must build up and maintain his Spirit life to achieve a powerful body, creative mind, and stable emotions.

Why we are disconnected from Spirit and the solution

Stress disconnects us from our Spirit. We remain disconnected because we don’t take the time to de-stress ourselves. If we keep going at the rhythm and tempo of craziness, it’s not possible to connect with your higher power. You are so encumbered with the things of the world: career, children, bills, etc.

Catch-22: During the turmoil, you cannot see the light. It often requires being knocked down so many times until you feel your life is not working. There must be a better way. Then, miraculously, you reconnect with the life within you, whether by a walk by the ocean, vacation to mountains, quiet in your room, taking time out.

The Spirit calls you into contemplation, relaxation, connecting with the higher part of yourself. Until we learn to listen to that little voice within, if we shut it out, I’m in trouble. When I learn to listen, I will never be in trouble. My aim is to never be in trouble.

Whatever manifests in the moment, I have a strength of Spirit that will lift me to go through it. I have clarity of what is happening and I will deal with it, whatever it is. Whether it is illness, broken heart, whatever. Life is so easy when you are connected with the Spirit when you live your life by principles and values, and trust your Spirit who knows it all, what to do, where to go, what to say.

Exercise the spirit

The exciting part is that Spirit is like a muscle. As you work on that muscle and the more you develop it, there comes a moment when you surrender. You’re not fighting any more against circumstances, against anyone. It doesn’t mean I don’t care. I care, but I have a clear picture of my existence. It may not be the picture of the people around me, but it’s I who knows about my existence. My Spirit guides and tells me what to do. The key is that I obey!

We need to make the time, just like when the doctor tells you that you need to exercise, walk, and eat better. Same with strengthening your Spirit. If I don’t work in my spiritual life, it’s like not working on my muscles. I will be falling down by the time I am 60, 80, 90, or 100.

The relationship between you and your Spirit must be nurtured the same way you nurture your physical body by eating, going to bed, going to the bathroom, drinking water.


My Spirit and my energy are one. What moves me is the energy of my Spirit. People ask me how I have so much energy. They don’t know that I spend the time to develop my Spirit the same way I develop my muscles. I work on it every single day!

The first thing I do when I get up is to work on my Spirit, then I go on to work on my body. Spiritual strength is more important than physical strength. You can move things with your Spirit. How often have read in the paper how a woman saw a kid crushed by a car and she lifted the car! Where did that strength come from? It’s not from her going to the gym. It came from her Spirit. That might be the moment of awakening for her: “My God! I didn’t know I had that!”

If you don’t work on your energy, you have a minimum; instead of 100%, it’s 5%. And you wonder why you don’t have energy. My energy doesn’t come from my flesh, my body; it comes from my Spirit.


Prayer plays an important part. We are constantly praying, whether it’s good or not. It’s like a meditation. If you’re constantly thinking about something, you’re meditating about it; contemplating it, and then you are manifesting it. If focus your prayers on positive things, things that are loving and constructive, it keeps your soul and Spirit clean. How you align your Spirit each day creates a foundation for your day.

About Dr. J:

A real super woman, Dr. Josefina Monasterio holds a Ph.D. in Adult Personal Development from Nova University and a Master’s Degree in Education from Boston University. She is also a certified Yoga Therapist from the World Yoga Society of Calcutta, India is First Fitness Certified, and has a received a certificate from NET for Success. That is a long way from Punta de Mata, Venezuela where she grew up. Thus she began her unique journey to becoming a Life Coach, Fitness Expert, and Nutritional Counselor.

Host of Healthy Power TV’s The Dr. Josefina Way, Josefina empowers everyone she meets with her life coaching techniques! She helps her clients achieve their full potential using the methods she herself has proven effective. Dr. Josefina’s accomplishments include working as a professor and Academic Adviser, helping pregnant teenagers finish their education, hosting her own television shows, and becoming an award-winning all natural bodybuilder!

Dr. Josefina Monasterio, Life Coach & TV Host

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