Balancing The Change

It was January 2015. I was working on my book on #worklifebalance when Jim Britt called me.

I had seen Jim Britt speak and knew how he was one of the foundational leaders in the world of personal development and was also was one of the many great men to coach Tony Robbins.

Jim Britt introduced me to Jim Lutes and they saw greatness in me that I had yet to discover, embrace and more importantly execute.

Jim & Jim created a vision called The Change Book Series. They searched for 20 co-authors in a series of books allowing the “underdog” to have a voice, a platform to start or expand their brand and create change. I found this to be exhilarating and given that my life was full and I could not take on another project, it was enticing to write 3,000 words instead of the book sitting on my “back” of 45,000 words.

I was honored to be in Book #5. To say that this changed me as a person and assisted my brand and business is an understatement. The series has gone to #1 globally on the personal development platform. My book is always with me and is a great icebreaker, allows credibility to your existing customer base and has assisted me in both my speaking and consulting practice.

Jim & Jim allowed me to be creative and start The Change Book Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio which was a fun and creative outlet for me and completely expanded my global client base for coaching which I now do exclusively on Skype and it’s so rewarding to have clients all over the globe and to juggle all the time zones.

The Change Book Radio Show also grew to the iTunes platforms and is now hosted by two of my co-author colleagues and friends, Rich Perry & Larunce Pipkin. The Change Book Series is now at Book #13. I can honestly tell you that I have 240 colleagues (and growing) in over 24 countries and the joke with Jim & Jim now is that I will never rent a hotel room again due to my networking and collaboration efforts.

My next two projects are exciting collaborations! May 6, 2017, I have created a one-day women’s conference model called¬†Soul Women on the Go #SWOTG¬†and I am collaborating with 5 amazing co-authors from Canada and the United States from The Change Book Series to offer this one day of information enrichment, filling your spiritual cup and the ability to learn and put new tools in your toolkit to continue be the best version of yourself and leave feeling empowered, enlightened and ready to take on your next goal!

The BIG project for 2018 is a women’s conference in Dubai, again, collaborating with co-authors from The Change Book Series. The internet certainly allows us to be connected on a global level. Being associated with Jim & Jim and having a huge network of like-minded individuals is exactly where I want to be. We are creating change. We are bringing good to the world and as a large group have been and continue to be impactful.

Thank you, Jim & Jim for your vision and it’s an honor to have you as my personal mentors, colleagues and most importantly, my friend.

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