It’s time to master the art of heart in life and leadership.


Linda Amour Grant

An aspiring Child and Youth Advocate who believes in crossing her T’s and dotting her I’s with empathy and compassion

Deborah’s love of her work comes out in her approach with her clients. She is personable and honest, and practices heart centered teaching and consulting. She respects your vulnerability and matches it with her own. If you are ready to move on to the next step, whatever that is for you, Deborah can get you there, but you have to do the work, – While she’s magical, she is not a magician.

Michael A. Dewsnap, Ph.D.

Faculty (SOM-Humanities) & Executive Director (TAMU Learning Environment Engagement Program)

I currently serve on the leadership of a AAMC special interest group called Innovation and Leadership in Medical Education with Schoen Kruse (Texas Tech HSC) and Mark Guitterez (Stanford SOM). We had the privilege of hosting Deborah Crowe this last Friday as a guest speaker.

What an excellent, and insightful, presentation and discussion. She spoke about heart-centered leadership which, to me, illuminated the importance of understanding our own humanity before speaking to others’ humanity when leading. Her journey and stories she has collected along the way are pointed and powerful. We could have talked for hours. One of my takeaways is that seeing people as people rather than “things” to push out a “product,” or achieve a goal, is critical in the shifting health care landscape of today. Thank you Deb!

Vijay Chander M.Sc, M.S.

Agile Practice Lead, Next Evolution of Work at TD

Heart Centred Leadership coaching and Deb Crowe are synonymous! Deb gave an amazing talk to TD Agile at Scale Practitioners. Her message and importance of Heart centred leadership was very impactful and resonated with many. I would strongly recommend any organization especially the HR teams to invite her to speak to the leadership but also consider her for coaching the leaders. She has been coaching for past few months and I have very much benefited from her wisdom and very inspiring vision. Thank you Deb for your message especially when “humanity is at cross roads especially when it comes to the “WAY WE WORK”.

Amy Armstrong


I didn’t know what I was getting into deciding to get a life coach.. but I got more than I ever expected and knew I needed with Deb. She does her job with passion, love, positivity, and understanding. She’s taught me so much on this path and I’m so thankful to have her be a part of my journey. She brought out so much in me that I didn’t know I had, and so much I’ll have to carry through my entire life journey. She’s an amazing, coach, mother, grand mother and friend. I will always be thankful for her teachings and friendship.

Fortune Masawi

Senior Vice President Finance l MIT SLOAN EMBA

Deb’s heart-centered program would not be effective if she did not practice what she teaches. She embodies every aspect of the program. Deb is active listener, non-judgmental and above all she is extremely empathetic. She creates a space where it’s free to discuss any topic. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to improve their leadership qualities both professionally and in their ordinary lives.

Rada Medic

Sr. Advisor, ESG Large Segment

I would highly recommend Deb for her coaching program. In the past 6 months, I was able to achieve many of my goals, thanks to her program. I have learned the importance of boundaries, my habits, and self-worth though this process. She helped me navigate alternative approaches in decision-making and communication. As well, the realization that you don’t need to climb every mountain alone in your journey. Coaching is an excellent avenue to take and I am very grateful for this experience.

Moojan Asghari

Founder @Thousand Faces | Co-founder @Women in AI | Web3 | NFT | AI | Ethics | D&I | Leadership | Top 100 Women in Startups & VC | Top 50 AI Leaders

Deb and I met at a virtual conference and this was by far one of the most beautiful encounters that I had at a networking event. We instantly connected and I decided to start the Habit Finder coaching program with her. I feel so blessed to have taken this decision since I see the impact of her amazing work with me on my daily life. A few months back I was very lost and under tremendous amount of pressure. I had many conflicts both in my personal and professional life and I had come out of a very painful work experience.

She helped me to have more clarity on my purpose of life and my surrounding, improve my relationship with my colleagues and friends and be able to read between the lines. She helped me to become a better servant leader for my team. Our sessions have been more like a friendly chat between two friends rather than courses. I always felt secured and safe to ask any questions or share any private story with her since she gives you an incredible amount of trust. I love working with Deb and I’m grateful for everything that she has taught me forever.

Kumar Balan

Capital Equipment Sales

I had an amazing experience with Deb and the Habit Finder approach that she facilitates. Deb is extremely insightful, and working with her was much like talking to an old friend about rather complicated and established behavioral patterns. Looking inwards is likely one of the most difficult exercises of the mind and Deb made the process palatable. I found her not just helping learn the habit patterns, but she also practiced them during every interaction.

Ultimately, the onus is on the recipient to make changes where necessary. Deb has helped me recognize the positive changes that I’m capable of making without using guilt, fear or such wasteful emotions. In an industry that’s cluttered with self-professed mental sales people, Deb stands apart with her admirable approach to better someone’s life.

Karah Blandford

Events & Customer Marketing | CRM Prof @ Fanshawe | Chili Piper 🌶️

Deb is truly making waves across Canada with the Women’s self care conference. As one of her self care ambassadors, I had the opportunity to work alongside Deb in planning for the Ontario conference last October. She is highly skilled in her work with a depth of knowledge that arms her with the ability to truly change lives.

As part of her Executive Coaching and Leadership coaching program, I took the Habit Finder assessment and had a call with Deb to discuss the findings, and the results were spot on. She really helped guide me in a positive direction in my professional and personal experiences.

If you get the chance to work with Deb, expect your life to flip upside down (or right side up). Her honest and professional approach really made a difference in the way I carry myself, my productivity and my self worth.

Thanks for everything Deb!