It’s time to master the art of heart in life and leadership.

Mike Greenly

I first knew of Deb Crowe as a co-author in the CHANGE self-empowerment book series to which I’ve contributed, as well. Since then, however, I’ve come to know her quite well. In fact, she and I have collaborated on several projects with great success. Simply put, the more I get to know Deb, the more deeply I’m impressed with her as person and professional.

Deb is a life coach – and, in fact, I’ve experienced her guidance, myself. In a word, she’s wise. She also has a passion for making a difference for people – with an innate gift for developing rapport with all ages, races, ethnicities and other differences. Her focus on health and wellness give her extra compassion and empathy for people with disabilities or in need of palliative care.

She’s astonishingly effective at sizing up a list of problems and then clear-headedly developing a smart and insightful plan for turning them into successes. That ability makes her an outstanding consultant not only in health-related fields like the insurance business, but in diverse fields that involve motivating and engaging people. Those traits are among the reasons that she is widely known as an inspirational and motivating guest speaker.

I happen to know of others Deb has coached. The fact that her specialties include crisis management and risk mitigation makes her EXTRA valuable to people during tough situations like the coronavirus and its impact on people’s lives. She offers an initial consultation at no charge whatsoever.

Her savvy can be helpful to anyone – from senior corporate execs to lone entrepreneurs. Highly recommended!