It’s time to master the art of heart in life and leadership.

Larunce Pipkin

I had the distinct honor of being a co-author with Deb in The Change Book Series. I then got to experience her amazing energy, motivational expertise, and her ability to emotionally connect with her audience first hand at an event in California. From that moment, she has become more than just a friend and mentor to me; she has become an inspiration!

She started The Change Book Radio Show, interviewing top professionals in the international world of self development and transformation. At the peak of popularity, she handed to show over to me and another to continue to host the show. It took two of us to even attempt to keep the show at her level of creativity and excellence. She has since collaborated internationally with multiple professional women creating an event with the mission to ignite the spirit, celebrate life and engage in inspiring women around the globe! She is unstoppable! However, I must say that her true gift is her ability to be completely authentic, loving and balanced.

Create an opportunity to experience her excellence first hand, from work/life balance expert to vibrant motivational speaker. Deb is on a mission to create excellence in everyone around her. As you may have guessed I highly recommend her services.