It’s time to master the art of heart in life and leadership.

Charlene Renaud

I first met Deb Crowe, as contributing co-authors in The Change book series, a collection of stories and life tips from global thought-leaders and visionaries. I was immediately drawn to her positivity, visionary thinking and enlightened personality.

Deb was a featured guest and speaker at my “Celebrate Victory Event” in Chatham, Ontario. Guests were captivated by her ability to express the joys and challenges of life, through her personal stories. The audience was empowered to move forward from adversity and to be mindful of life’s often overlooked blessings.

Deb is an excellent speaker, hostess or interviewer – elegantly harvesting holistic learning, commonality, and hope, from people’s frailty, triumph, abilities or creative flair.

Deb has successfully hosted several women’s wellness conferences, to promote health, sisterhood, empowerment and self-care. I am impressed with her leadership, enthusiasm and ability to connect people, for the betterment of all. Deb Crowe is a mover and shaker!

Deb exudes leadership and expertise in health and living a life filled with purpose, expression, connectedness, and joy.