It’s time to master the art of heart in life and leadership.

Charlene Renaud

I had the great opportunity to meet Deb Crowe in 2016, through the network of co-authors from The Change book series. Deb is the host of The Change Radio Show. She interviewed me in 2017. Her ability to interview, listen and respond are truly unique and captivating. Her communication skills enable the context and intention of the broadcast to be crystal clear, extracting key points and meaning, while fully engaged with the interviewee.

In 2017, Deb was one of my special guests at The Charlene & Co. Celebrate Victory Event. She has great organizational skills and helped bring the day together beautifully. On stage, she spoke about her expertise in life wellness and how she managed and triumphed over challenging life moments. The audience enjoyed her presentation and interaction with her afterwards, was indicative of their desire to meet her.

Deb is a fireball of energy, a motivator, and has a wealth of knowledge in rehabilitation, consulting and healthy lifestyle. Deb radiates a life, contentedly balanced with gratitude, compassion, friendship, healthy living, volunteerism, family and professionalism. Deb’s extreme love of humanity, is expressed through her kindness – assisting people (and families of those) facing the final stages of life, at her local Hospice.

I highly recommend Deb Crowe. She is a class act and five stars all the way. (Jan. 23, 2018)