Testimonial Category: Coaching

  • Nicole Galeotalanza

    I had an amazing experience working with Deb. She is genuine, insightful and a true leader in her field. Her experience, guidance and encouragement helped me shift my thinking and habits to be more productive and meaningful along my journey.  Her Heart-Centered Leadership Challenge is also amazing. If you want to make a meaningful change […]

  • Brett Babcock

    Over the last eight months, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Life Coach extraordinaire, Deb Crowe. Deb is the perfect combination of personal and professional when looking for a Life Coach; she approaches clients from a heightened level of awareness and radiates an irresistible level positivity energy. She walks the walk and […]

  • Rod Anderson

    For the first time in a 25+ year career I made the decision in Sept. 2020 to engage with an Executive Coach. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for in a coach when I began my search, but I knew what felt right when I found it and that was Deb. Her Heart Centered […]

  • Coaching Client

    Deb is very approachable, kind, caring and compassionate. She puts her whole heart into listening, with great patience. She has brought me to happy tears several times with her gifts of plenty. Her wisdom never goes unnoticed. If you ever have the privilege of being coached by Deb, you will see her commitment to your […]

  • James Evanow

    In all the years that I have been speaking I have not seen anyone control her actions and thoughts on stage as Deb Crowe. I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to come and do an onsite training at their company.

  • Steve MacClure

    Deb has a heart for people. She is smart and very caring. Deb has an amazing ability to get things done regardless of obstacles. Her integrity, excellent people and organizational skills, plus her ability to cut through red tape will continue to be her personal trademarks. It has been a pleasure knowing and working with […]

  • Ross Strike

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Deborah for several years and I am always amazed by her positive energy and willingness to help others. She is an extremely well organized and thoughtful individual who has offered assistance without request on a number of occasions. Deborah’s outgoing nature and friendliness make her a pleasure to […]

  • Jeffrey B. Comiskey

    Deb is a wonderful person and a great friend. We met through are mutual groups on Linkedin in London Ontario. Deb and her husband John have become clients of mine and great advocates of my business and continue to help me grow my business in London. Deb is a very kind and caring person who […]

  • Adam Little

    I had the opportunity to work with Deb on a catastrophic brain injury file, and was most impressed with her knowledge, ability and attitude. She was a consistent pleasure to deal with!

  • Jack Lane

    Whether work or in her personal life, Deb is purposeful in all she does. Nothing about Deb is haphazard; she is driven to achieving results that are complimentary to both the balance sheet and the human equation. I’m quite certain Deb’s middle name is Focus. As a business professional and a friend, Deb has become […]