Learn to tap into your own heart-centeredness

If you have not already begun to listen and follow Deborah Crowe’s imperfect: The Heart-Centered Leadership Podcast … I highly recommend you do.

Deb is a servant leader, a heart-centered leader, a coach, an inspirer and someone who impacts others daily.

And her podcast and each amazing guest she shares with her audience are the same.

You listen, you learn, your grow, and you are inspired to tap into your own heart-centeredness and impact the world.

Tom Dahlborg, President, Dahlborg HealthCARING Leadership Group (DHLG)

Thoughtful and inspiring

Deb Crowe conversations are both insightful and inspiring. From picking the right leader to showcase to asking the right questions she know how to shine spotlight on the leader and also make the conversation very relatable to the listener. Listening to her podcasts while I am working has become a habit for me.

Srivatsan Nemili Aravamudan

Insightful and profound

Deb has this uncanny ability to share their wisdom in such a beautiful and authentic way. A podcast for the current times, more urgently than ever do we need this kind of leadership.

Annie G

Inspiration and leadership tools

This podcast is amazing. It provides the tools and inspiration from leaders all over the world. Such impactful thoughts that keep me moving forward. Thank you for your ability to bring together so many talented leaders.

Nancy Gowan