Take the Habit Finder Assessment

The Habit Finder Assessment measures your habits and patterns of thinking.

Your thought processes impact every area of your live. Your emotional state, the decisions you make, the actions you take and ultimately the results that you create. You always take them with you wherever we go.

The Science of Habit has been developed over thousands of hours of research and examining the habits of over 75,000 clients. Now it’s your turn.

With over Six Quadrillion objective variations – no two results are the same. With this volume of insight and data, you will experience a whole new level of awareness.

The Habit Finder measures your thinking habits as accurately as a thermometer measures the temperature.

It’s metacognition (the way you think about thinking) at it’s best!


Using the Habit Finder Profile I will expertly analyze the results in six areas.

  1. Connection with People
  2. Dream/Goal Creation
  3. Work – Physical Creation
  4. Structure
  5. My Joy in the Journey
  6. My Self Worth

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