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The Habit Finder Assessment


The Habit Finder Assessment measures Habits and Patterns of thinking. Your thought processes impact every area of your lives, our emotional state, the decisions we make, the actions we take and ultimately the results that we create, and we always take them with us wherever we go.

The Science of Habit has been developed over thousands of hours of research and examining the habits of over 75,000 clients. Now it’s your turn.

With over Six Quadrillion objective variations – no two results are the same. With this volume of insight and data, you will experience a whole new level of awareness.

The Habit Finder measures your thinking habits as accurately as a thermometer measures the temperature.

Once you know your habits of thinking you can start to work on the areas that are causing you difficulty and have your business, career or life start to take shape from a cognition approach, which is truly foundational.


Executives – C Suite Leaders to CEO/President

Life Coaching

Group Coaching

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"When you meet Deb for the very first time and you complete her Habit Finder assessment things get real – REAL fast. Deb’s assessment was the first one I had ever completed that was built off of science. There was zero fluff. From it, she pulled tidbits of information deeply seeded within my brain that I had never spoke to anyone about. As a health executive, this has been extremely valuable for myself and my team."
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Using the Habit Finder Profile a Certified Habit Finder Coach will expertly analyze the results in six areas.

  1. Connection with People
  2. Dream & Goal Creation
  3. Work – Physical Creation
  4. Structure
  5. My Joy in the Journey
  6. My Self-Worth

Success Habit #1: Connection with People

We value people in six different ways. When our habits of thinking are balanced in these six areas, our empathy and intuition are accurate—we can trust our gut. This Habit is focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the greatest secret to success in all ventures—agape love—a heightened level of awareness. It is here that we assist our clients in mastering the principles of Intrinsic Validation and finding the most powerful ways to understand, connect, and communicate with others. This Habit is foundational to all other habits of thinking.

Success Habit #2: Dream Creation

Our minds are very powerful. It is here that we assist our clients in using their gifts of visualization constructively to create a clear vision for their lives. They discover how to manifest inspired ideas, intuitive impressions, and creative solutions that ignite passion and drive action.

Success Habit #3: Work — Physical Creation

Far too many live in their minds and tolerate tangible reality. It is here that a client discovers how to make the NOW their permanent residence. The discover how to avoid procrastination, unlock natural genius, and take passion-driven action.

Success Habit #4: Discipline and Structure

Far too many resist structure, rebel against authority, and constantly and obsessively think about new, better and easier ways to do everything. It is here that clients learn the power in embracing structure and quieting their minds. They discover the power and destructive uses of systemic thought—all/nothing, right/wrong, life/death thinking. They discover how to let go of the need to be right and how to find good in other people’s ideas.

Success Habit #5: My Joy in the Journey

Far too many want to be someone else, somewhere else, doing something different. It is here that clients make the decision to embrace their own unique clay—their life circumstances—and then create the most they can with what they have—create and celebrate versus living in frustration, overwhelm and discouragement. They discover how to “I choose me” which allows them to embrace their natural gifts and actually improve themselves.

Success Habit #6: My Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem is negatively impacted by five key challenges: Unmet expectations, comparison, traumatic events, secrets, and a focus on performance at the expense of intrinsic value. The objective is for our clients to discover how to be real, genuine, and authentic without the need to impress, pretend, feel shame, or fear. This is the most difficult task in our mortal existence and the highest level of maturity. It is here that clients discover how to be comfortable in their own skin. They discover how to release the four tethers: Impress, Pretend, Shame, and Fear. They discover how to set proper boundaries and how to forgive themselves and learn from past mistakes.

A structured customized program is then delivered over 14 individual sessions. These sessions are held in a Private Zoom Video conference room. They last approximately 1 hour and can be done weekly or bi-weekly to work with a client’s busy schedule. A small amount of homework is assigned weekly practicing the techniques taught or readings to reinforce the teaching provided.

Take The Habit Finder Assessment

There are no “right” or “wrong” habits, but there are habits that support your goals and habits that are sabotaging you. Take the Habit Finder™ and discover your personal habit code.