Self-Care Language for Living

A week ago, I hosted the 2nd Annual Women’s Self-Care Conference in my home city of London, Ontario, Canada.

This day had been a dream for me to host this conference in my city.

I started in 2018 with the 1st Annual in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and then decided to take it across Canada in 2019 to Calgary, Alberta and to Halifax, Nova Scotia. 4 conferences. 3 provinces. 2nd Annual. 1 positive message, “Self-Care is not Selfish”.

The night before the conference one of my speakers and the MC became ill and could not attend the conference. Life and logistics. I was ready to execute Plan B! As an entrepreneur, we are always ready on the sidelines for mishaps, so with the excitement and logistics well organized I was ready to take on the day!

The room was filled with women from all over Ontario. Many who attended the 1st Annual also returned which warmed my heart. We had 16 self-care vendors who showcased their products and services and were a welcomed addition to the overall conference.

150 women laughed, reflected, cried, paused and made new connections with strangers. Networking occurred as I was methodical with how I wanted the tables to be setup. Women that attended alone were not alone and quickly introduced to another woman who also came by herself. All the finer, intricate details were covered for everything and everyone.

I had three opportunities during the day to speak with the women. I was consistently putting self-care tips into their self-care toolkit to take home and implement into their daily routine.

One of the self-care tips is language. Watch and observe what you “think” and what you, “say”. REMOVE these three words (busy, just, sorry) from your vocabulary, please!

We are ‘not’ busy. Busy is a fear-based word utilized when we are feeling vulnerable. Stop saying, “I’m so busy!”. You are what you schedule yourself to be! If it’s not what you want, then it’s time to change!

We are also ‘not’ just anything. See if you can resonate with either of these scenarios:

“Hi, Katherine, I am just calling because….”

“Hi, George, I am just emailing you because…”

STOP. Be intentional with your thoughts and intentions. I am calling because I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your seminar last week. I am emailing you as I would welcome the opportunity to invite you for lunch!

Finally, sorry…. I have to say OMG here! YOU are NOT sorry. Perhaps you’re late because of traffic, a late babysitter or some other ‘life happening’. Be honest and vulnerable and no one is going to judge you.

Language is key. Non-verbal cues are noticed and interpreted more than you think or realize.

Starting today remove busy, just and sorry and let me know how you do with it! #selfcarewins

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