2020 Women’s Self Care Conference in Ontario

Women’s Self Care Conference in London, Ontario

Saturday, October 24th, 2020
The Marconi Club of London

Deb Crowe is bringing the 3rd Annual Women’s Self-Care Conference back to her home city of London, Ontario!

Deb’s vision came to life in October 2018. She then promised to take the conference across Canada in 2019 and she did!

Join Deb as she hosts her 5th conference and her 3rd in Ontario!

Your day will be filled with fun, movement and connecting with the speakers, other guests, and vendors. The first 100 women get a free t-shirt!

Most importantly, you’ll walk away with self-care action items you can use in your life on a daily basis!

Partial proceeds from this event will be donated to: St. Joseph’s Hospice 

Women’s Self Care Conference Speakers

Deb Crowe is not only the founder of the Women’s Self-Care Conference, but she’s also a Certified Executive Coach, Woman’s Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Yoga teacher, and Self-Care Guru. Deb is also one of the first in Canada to be certified as a Habit Finder Coach from the Og Mandino Leadership Institute, her specialty is coaching leaders, executives and their teams.  Deb is a vivid visionary who loves to inspire her audience and her message that has now been taken across Canada of “Self-Care is not Selfish” will be further discussed.  Deb will also give you tools for implementing self-care into your life and she will give you insight on how to create your life by design.

Jessie Jones is an artist, musician and writer that works with paint, song and words to practise the art of self-reflection. Much of Jessie’s work is inspired by mood, intentions, femininity and lessons being taught by the universe. Using various mediums to execute her work, Jessie loves to experiment and allow herself to enjoy the process without paying particular attention to the final product. Jessie uses her artwork as a tool to ground herself and slow her pace down from her otherwise busy lifestyle as a full time Director of Recreation in Dementia care, Mother of two beautiful daughters Everly-Lane and Amelia-Lynn and partner to musician, Andy Chillman.

Angela Peeters has always believed in empowering women to reach their full potential. She began her career as a journalist, following her passion for writing. Then she landed an unexpected job teaching English as a Second Language for the local school board. Her love for teaching children began her path of mindfulness and growth. When she got pregnant with her first daughter, she decided to spend the next six years as a stay-at-home mother. During her time home, she studied for her BA in both English and Psychology. She became a support for twin moms, a breastfeeding advocate, and then a surrogate mother for a gay couple – twice. Her journey helping others has been a unique adventure which led her to create her company, called Canadian Surrogacy Community. She now concentrates her time to help couples through their struggles with infertility, and LGBTQ members looking to build their families through surrogacy.

Lisa Conley is a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones.  She partners with individuals and families to help them achieve their long-term financial goals. A large part of Lisa’s practice focuses on women, whether single, in a long-term relationship or navigating divorce.  She spends time educating her clients about money and listening to their dreams and concerns, so her clients make decisions with confidence. Lisa joined Edward Jones in 2018 after a long career in investment banking serving health care systems.  Being able to translate her Wall Street and Bay Street knowledge to the needs of individuals and families is highly rewarding for her. She works with her clients to understand what is most important to them, to develop personalized strategies around these important goals and then she partners with them for the long-term to help them stay on track.

Jen Hewson has been an educator for over 20 years, and has several years volunteer experience with not-for-profits, and in the corporate world. She is a mother, a survivor and a passionate humanitarian, with a mission, and a vision for the world. She currently runs her own community organization; Canadian Women Healing Our World, whose mission is to connect women and inspire them to help one another to grow into healthy, vibrant citizens. Kindness is key to success for Jen, who believes that growth begins from the roots up. Lovingly resilient are two words that might describe her personality, and she believes that you must have both to survive in this ever-changing world.

Jocelyn Brock is, first and foremost, passionate about living an expanded and inspired life. As an internationally recognized Yoga & Qigong Teacher, Medical Qigong Practitioner, Vitality & Wellness educator, writer, visionary, inspirational coach & lecturer, Jocelyn has lead classes & workshops throughout North America, Europe, Mexico, Bali & in Ghana Africa, in collaborative endeavours & through her company Body & Soul To Go.  Jocelyn also co-owns, with her wonderful husband, a healthy pizzeria, (Trip Advisors #1 London Restaurant), Zen’Za Pizzeria, as well as a super yummy vegan ice cream shop called Fro’Zen Scoops and Sweets.

Janice Hutton has extensive experience as an educator and practitioner in health, fitness, sport and personal performance coaching.  Her career to date has included coaching elite athletes; developing world class fitness + sport certification curriculum for professionals; managing a luxury fitness club; being a professor at the university and college level; as well as teaching group exercise and training clients.  As a veteran leader and speaker in the fitness and health industry, Janice thrives on inspiring others through sharing her wisdom and her passion for personal and professional growth.

Our Conference MC:
Julie Atchison is the Meteorologist on CTV London News at 6 p.m. and CTV London News at 11 p.m. Since her career in journalism began, Julie has covered news, entertainment, sports and weather. Originally from Peterborough, Julie graduated from Broadcast Journalism at Fanshawe College, and she has a post-graduate diploma in Television News. In 2004 she completed a Meteorology course from Penn State University. In 2018 Julie graduated as Certified Meteorologist from Mississippi State University. Julie is a dedicated volunteer and acts as a strong community leader involved in numerous events. She is highly sought to MC events, visit classrooms and share her knowledge and love of weather.

Leslie Wendland is a Spiritual Leader and Cofounder of Sweaty Successful Moms. She teaches the busy mom who feels they have lost themselves in parenting, career and the (never-ending) to-do list to tune into their intuition to create more confidence, clarity and courage to live a life of passion and purpose. Leslie is also leading a chair yoga and meditation at the conference.

Self-Care Vendors

We have an amazing Self-Care Vendor Marketplace at the 3rd Annual Self-Care Conference!

Angela Peeters – https://surrogacycommunity.ca/

Christine Crowe – Beauty Counter

Katherine Lewis – Rodan & Fields

Mel Dodge – https://omhale.com/

Jocelyn Morwood – DeGroot

Booch Organic Kombucha – https://boochorganickombucha.com/

Dr. Laura Gravelle, DC – https://www.chirolaura.com/

Sweaty Successful Moms – https://www.sweatysuccessfulmoms.com/

Build A Dream – https://www.webuildadream.com/

WANTED – Makeup Artist

WANTED – Massage Therapist

The Been Garden

WANTED – Coffee Vendor

WANTED – Nutritionist

WANTED – Videographer

WANTED – Travel Company

3 Vendor Tables Available!

Women’s Self Care Conference Ambassadors

The Self-Care Ambassadors for the Third Annual Women’s Self-Care Conference in Ontario make the daily choice to put themselves on their to-do list while going above and beyond to inspire others to do the same!

Laura Crowe
“Self-care is something that looks different for anyone. Don’t measure your self care to someone else.”

Christine Crowe
“Self-care is committing to taking care of my overall well-being every single day. I approach self-care holistically (mind, body and spirit), tailoring my self-care to each day’s needs.”

Magda Perri
“Self-care to me means pushing myself to do things that feel difficult but will help me grow.”

Ange Smith
“Self-care to me means creating personal boundaries and self-discipline on a daily basis to live the best fulfilling life with ease, happiness + joy.”

Mel Dodge
“Self-care to me means listening to the messages my body, mind and soul have to live in alignment, with purpose, and with joy.”

Tasha Shields
“Self-care to me means being kind to myself and listening to what I need to do to feel and be my best.”

Stephanie Quigley
“Self-care means allowing myself to receive all the pleasures, treasures and blessings this magical world has to offer!”

Jenny Hauser
“Self-care to me means a commitment of taking care of my physical and emotional well-being – to live a life full of vibrancy, joy and of service to others :)” 

Bobbie Breckenridge
“Self-care to me means honoring my truth, breaking people-pleasing patterns, and stepping into my power so that I may serve others in alignment with my values and personal well-being.”

Katherine Lewis
“Self-care is leaning into all the emotions. Feeling all ‘feels’ and allowing yourself to be and do what is needed in that moment.”

Leanne Cove
“Self-care to me means loving myself and honouring my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. This enables me to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life with more of myself to give in love and service to others.”

Karah Jewel
“Self-care is about being brave, and staying disciplined. It’s doing the things we should do but don’t want to do. It’s resilience; taking your failures and mistakes in grace and rising up regardless of how far you’ve fallen. It is a method, more so a way of life than a particular action.” 

Ingrid Singh-Edwards
“Self-care means taking care of your own wellbeing, physically,  emotionally, spiritually, socially and mentally.”

Sheina Hemstreet
“Self-care to me means leading with intentional action and making space for your ever-evolving purpose. In order to properly care for oneself you must know yourself deeply and honour the needs that serve your highest purpose and personal desires. I believe that self-care is best maintained through ritual, celebration and connection.”