My Journey

My journey began in a small town, where I discovered the importance of compassion and resilience. Over the years, I navigated the challenges of leadership, driven by a heart-centered approach. From early roles to becoming an executive and leadership coach, my path has been one of growth, learning, and dedication to empowering others through The Heart-Centered Leadership Playbook.

Deborah Crowe at birth

My Birth Day

The Beginning

Birth & Early Childhood

Being born marks our entry into a world which can be shaped by circumstances beyond our control. My early years, were greatly influenced by my environment and upbringing, laying the foundation for my identity. Despite these beginnings, my journey has been about discovering my path, overcoming challenges, and shaping my destiny. We are only as good as what we inherit, but finding our way defines our true potential. It is my birthright.

Grade 3

Deborah Crowe's first day of Kindergarten

First Day of Kindergarten

Formative Years

Childhood Memories

I grew up in an environment that posed many challenges, instilling resilience and a deep empathy. These experiences shaped my ability to overcome adversity and fueled my passion for helping others navigate their journeys. My difficult childhood taught me the value of perseverance and compassion, driving my commitment to heart-centered leadership and personal growth.

Deborah Crowe when she was 16

Age 16

Deborah Crowe when she was 18

Age 18

High School

Let The Adventure Begin

My high school years were marked by a challenging home life, navigating through constant ups and downs. Despite the turbulence, I persevered and found emotional resilience within myself. Each high and low taught me valuable lessons, shaping my character and fortitude. Through it all, I learned to rise above adversity and maintain hope for a brighter future.

Deborah Crowe when she was 25

Age 25

Deborah Crowe when she was 25

Age 21

The Roaring 20s

Riding The Waves

In my 20s, I navigated significant losses that shaped my resilience. Amidst the challenges, I discovered my true self, setting the foundation for a purpose-driven life. These formative years were marked by introspection and growth, culminating in the courageous step of launching my own business. This decade set the tone for my journey, both personally and professionally.

Deborah Crowe's Nana Elizabeth Martin

My Nana – Elizabeth Martin

My Irish Nana

My Irish Nana set the foundation for my beliefs and morals.  She taught me that not all people would be kind - but nevertheless, I always have the opportunity to pause and control how I respond to them and navigate each situation.   I have this picture of her above my desk at my home office so that she is with me daily.  I am who I am today because of this extraordinary woman I was blessed to have had as my Nana.

Deborah Crowe's husband kissing her on the cheek

Still having fun 2022!

Deborah Crowe's wedding day

Our Wedding – September 18, 1993


A New Chapter

In my late 20s, I reached a beautiful milestone: getting married to my soul mate and best friend. This chapter of my life has been filled with love, growth, and shared dreams. Together, we embrace life's journey, building a foundation of trust and mutual support. Having a partner who enriches every moment with joy and understanding is a wonderful feeling.

Annual gingerbread making
at Melrose Bakery

Mother Daughter Bond is special!

Raising Children

The Joys of Parenthood

In my 30s, I was blessed to become a mother to two beautiful girls, a dream I had cherished for years. The joy and gratitude I feel each day are beyond words. Motherhood has brought immense love, growth, and fulfillment into my life, and I am profoundly thankful for this incredible journey.

2024 Berkshire Hathaway AGM

Deborah Crowe with her daughters on Mother's Day 2014

Mother’s Day 2014

Our Family Of Four

Life & Traditions

Creating a beautiful family life involves blending cherished Irish traditions with new customs. Embrace the warmth of Irish storytelling, music, and festive gatherings, infusing them into everyday life. Simultaneously, cultivate new traditions that reflect your family's unique journey and values. This fusion of old and new fosters a rich, vibrant family culture, celebrating heritage while embracing the future.

Deborah Crowe with Nannie and a birthday cake

Nannie’s Birthday Cake

Deborah Crowe with her granddaughter

Welcome Mary!

Nana Deb

Enjoying Moments With The Next Generation

Becoming a Nana is a dream come true, allowing me to pass on the cherished heirloom memories gifted by my amazing Nana. These treasured moments and traditions live on, creating a legacy of love and connection for the next generation. It's a beautiful journey of nurturing and carrying forward a rich tapestry of family history.

Daughter Laura sharing this special moment

150 beautiful guest signatures

Celebrating Achievements

Signing My First Book

Hosting my book signing was a dream realized through compassion, belief, and unwavering dedication. It epitomized my journey in thought leadership, bringing "The Heart-Centered Leadership Playbook" to life. The event was a testament to the success envisioned, surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals, sharing insights and celebrating the power of heart-centered leadership.

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Connection with people is the key to happiness and success, as it allows us to look inward and feel valued , heard and validated.

Connect With Deborah

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Connection with people is the key to happiness and success, as it allows us to look inward and feel valued , heard and validated.