You’ve Got One Chance

I’ve always loved public speaking.  Yes, I know! Most people look at me and say, “I just can’t do it!”

In this game of life, I’ve been given the honor and privilege to give eulogies at funeral services for clients, friends and family.

Being asked is a true honor.  Taking the time to honor someone’s life is a blessing and quite frankly a gift.

You’ve got one chance to truly embrace and live your “-“. Yes, the dash symbol. You have a birth date and your “exit” date is unknown.

The dash represents the life you live in between birth and death.  When I have written eulogies, I truly dig deep to be able to verbally express to the best of my ability how they chose to live their dash.

Nike has a quote that says, “Yesterday, you said tomorrow”.

Why does tomorrow not come for so many of you?

Why are you procrastinating?

What is the real reason?

Work Life Balance is all about the dash. Living in the moment. Planning and not putting the task(s) off until tomorrow.  Making a conscious decision to change the way you’ve been living as it’s not working and causing you stress.

Thinking and dreaming dreams that are so big that they scare you.  Unless you get started and take action, they won’t come to you and neither will your work life balance. There is no magic potion, pill or program, it’s in you and waiting to be executed!

A lot of times, feeling unease, nervous and truly unbalanced is the last doorway you can experience before that door opens wide and BAM! What you’ve been waiting for is there and abundance, success, etc. is right in front of you.

The point I want to make this week, is life is for the living. Many people vocationally ‘die’ in their 30’s because they think they can’t, yet they go on living until their a senior citizen and do what they do for days, weeks, month, years.  They settle, they are unhappy and say to me, “This is what my life is I guess”.

It’s quite sad to me that people cannot see a vision in their mind — not through their eyes. Are you going to settle?

Many people feel that their life is “as good as it gets”.  In whose value system?

This week, I want you to take the time to watch a great video by Linda Ellis, author of The Dash.

Powerful poem which was also turned into this beautiful video.

Enjoy! Start living your dash — now is the perfect time to start. #worklifebalance

Here’s the link:

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