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Work Life Balance – A Global Perspective

If you have a global conference and brought in women from all over the world who are working mothers what a conference that would be! Who wants to help me plan this?

Social media continues to show the barriers that working women experience in their day to day living.

Women are expected to do it all. They acquire the professional juggling skill of working part-time, full time, shift work, schedule and mother their child(ren), pay bills, clean, cook, meal plan, chauffeur to extracurricular activities and this list could go on and on.

The point is the leadership skills that women possess coupled with their innate ability to multitask that is CEO material right there!

Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are amazing husbands out there. I have one. He helps me with everything and never complains. We are truly a team in our marriage. We support and promote each other to be the best we can be, always.

Women can and should be given more opportunities within the workplace for leadership positions. The paradigm is starting to shift and this was well demonstrated when Yahoo hired their new CEO Marissa Mayer who was pregnant at the time. Yahoo saw their vision and knew who the best person for this executive position was.

Too many women are literally focused and quite frankly torn between career and motherhood. Many have eluded to me that they feel like a failure and are so tired, feel burnt out and cannot burn the candles at both ends anymore.

This emotional roller coaster has to stop. Women have to accept that Work Life Balance is not about perfection, it’s about progression. We only have 24 hours a day and it does NOT have to be jammed full of activities, tasks, etc.

Who implemented the core belief that you have to be a perfect mother and a perfect career woman simultaneously? What message is that sending to our children?

When you look at women from countries that have very little on all levels, they never worry or give Work Life Balance a second thought.

These women do not sit around worrying about schedules, deadlines, etc. They embrace family, friends, meal times and most importantly community. They have no thoughts about materialism.

I have chosen to live my passion and be a Work Life Balance Specialist & Mentor. I love to work with people who are not afraid to say “I can’t do this anymore or I am so lost and burnout”. Admitting you are maxed out is the start. Find your imbalance and be grateful that you are being truthful to yourself.

My day consists of phone calls, Skype meetings, face to face meetings and checking my emails (which is always exciting). I have the honor and privilege to work with men and women from all over the world! How cool is that?

Companies have consulted with me to help get employees back from stress claims (you can’t get any more work life balance than that!). Working with professionals within the Human Resources departments of companies is very rewarding and can be challenging. HR has policies and procedures to follow along with their company’s vision. It’s always intriguing to bring in a new set of eyes and “think outside the box”. There are many Oprah “aha” moments.

I am also a devoted mother to two teenage girls. Motherhood is the lowest paying job on a financial scale, but the highest paying on the memory and gratitude scale. To see your core beliefs and values come to fruition in your children is nothing shy of…well quite simply priceless.

My office is global and the perspectives of men and women as well as companies around our planet earth is so interesting to me. Stop beating yourself up on Work Life Balance and see yourself for who you are and just breathe. Live in the moment. The good news is tomorrow is a new day full of potential and possibility.

Reach out to someone who you feel is struggling and could benefit from your phone call. Get out from behind that computer and call someone. Giving back and paying-it-forward is true Work Life Balance at its best and can be part of your self-care regime.

So, I challenge you today to think about those less fortunate and not all of your deadlines, schedules, lists, tasks and all the other “things” that you “need” to “do”. Let it go today and embrace the moment and be grateful for the country you live in and that Work Life Balance is about living today and not worrying about tomorrow.

We can learn a lot from those who “want it all” and want it quickly like a “drive-thru”, however, how about those who don’t have much, who wake up every day and get on with their day and just simply love life. Now that is balance.

Today is called the “present” because it truly is a gift.

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