Will your passion balance you?

If I asked you a simple question could you answer it?

What is your passion? Don’t think – say in the moment what it is. It is there ruminating in your subconscious mind.

18 months ago, I created a model for a one-day women’s conference so that women could attend for many different reasons. I know what your thinking, another conference! I get it, but let me share with you the vision.

We all have trauma and loss in our lives. Women will want to attend Soul Women on the Go to experience healing.

We want more, we want to find out our ‘why’ in our life. Women will want to attend Soul Women on the Go to become inspired and transform themselves.

Women want to learn, however, they want to have ‘tools’ for their ‘toolkit’ in life. Women will want to attend Soul Women on the Go for pure sustainment of the tools they are taking away to implement into their life.

Life can become so busy that we don’t know where to start. How to calm the chaos.

Soul Women on the Go is compiled of 6 dynamic speakers who are also authors, coaches and share a common element of being in a personal book series together called The Change Book Series: Insights into Self-Empowerment.

I will be speaking on letting go of perfection and everything else in your life to enjoy life’s rhythm and have “work-life fit”.

Anita Brooks will be speaking on The Power of a Name Change.

Angie Taylor will be speaking on Make It Simple: Life in Wellness Daily.

Sally Kay Miller will be speaking on How I Got My Hope Back After Losing My Son to Addiction.

Charlene Renaud will be speaking on The Pinata Theory.

Jenny Beilsmith will be speaking on The Power Within.

Each speaker will bring elements to the day, adding tools to your toolkit to leave you feeling inspiration.

We also have a spirit that sometimes is quenching for new knowledge.

We all have life experiences based on fear or love. Become a lifelong learner and give yourself permission to heal and forgive.

Let’s take impossible and show you how to turn that into I’m possible!

Join us in May 2017 for a faith-filled day that will fill up your soul and give you connectivity to move forward.

More details to follow at www.soulwomenonthego.com

Photo Credit: Julie Wobbe Fitness

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