Who’s Your Superhero?

This week’s blog is dedicated to all the hard-working amazing women who work and raise a family!

As a little girl I loved to watch Saturday morning cartoons. As the story line would play out in the cartoon characters I would ponder and think to myself “Wow….how do they do that?”.

When you realize that you have accomplished work life balance that is exactly how you should be feeling.

Who’s your Superhero? It’s you!

Busy mornings, breakfasts, packing lunches, deadlines, cell phone ringing, home phone ringing, dryer buzzing, kids fighting, thinking about dinner, your spouse calling, meetings you have at work…..ahem….does this sound like your life?

You get through your work day with a little caffeine, self-motivation, progress, collaboration with your co-workers and then your day continues at home with dinner, domestic chores, children’s extracurricular activities, homework and ending (maybe) with enough time to plan out the next day or did you consider taking some time for you, yes you, on Sunday to plan your week?

Taking 30 minutes for you on the weekend is crucial for Monday to Friday to run smoothly without scheduling and logistical surprises. It is paramount and everyone in the home flourishes because Mom, yes, you, is at the helm, calm and in charge because in the eyes of your children you are a Superhero!

Mama Deb loves the caricature that was drawn for her (above). It was given to me by one of my private mentoring clients.  After she realized her imbalance this was her vision and I was truly touched that she took the time to draw it and give it as a gift.

That picture is the true vision of me. Come home, put briefcase down and turn into Mama Deb! Loving your home and your kitchen is truly the heart of any home.

It’s a place to congregate, chat, prepare food, laugh and create some great memories. You are demonstrating to your children that while making dinner you can engage in quality conversation and they may pass that down to their children! There’s a novel thought!

What you will find is that you are utilizing your super powers (and multitasking skills) at their best. Dinner can be spontaneous because usually those are some of the best dinners and memories that you think back upon and have a good laugh over!

Many women email me and tell me that they “surprise themselves”. It’s not a surprise, you have just become in tune with who you are, what you are capable of and given yourself a little credit for your time management and organizational skills. That’s the perfect equation for work life balance!

As you go forward with your day and continue to strive with your strength, tenacity and common sense, always remember… “may the force be with you!”

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