It’s time to master the art of heart in life and leadership.

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Today is going to be a great day!

Anyone who knows me can elude to you that my passion for living an authentic life is truly filled with work life balance.

Certainly, I am not any different from you.  I have experienced loss, sadness, trauma during different parts of my life, now that I am (almost) middle aged….

Work Life Balance comes from a place of mindset.  “Today is going to be a great day!” If you awake with that positive, mental attitude, not only are you setting the tone for your day, you are allowing any and all things to happen in greatness.

If you practice the lifestyle of only seeing the best then you will.

People always tell me that “everything always works out for you”.  Really?

My morning attitude is that my eyes open, my feet land on the floor and I’ve got another day of greatness to live! I start every day with gratitude.

When things are not going as planned at work or at home, that’s the time to ‘reset’ your mindset and tell yourself that “Today is going to be a great day!”

It’s also the time to reflect and for some “dig deep” and find one thing to be grateful for.  Once you find one, a list is easily written and it certainly ‘resets’ a negative mindset and gets you back on track.

We have the ability to change anything at any time with the right mindset and ‘script’ that we say to ourselves.

Trying to get your balance back? What is the best way to start?

Acknowledge the imbalance and forget the how/why it happened.  Move forth with a smile, your head held high and an inner script that could be words, a song, whistling, whatever works for you and instantly makes you smile and feel good all over!

Don’t complain about your imbalance. It will take you nowhere and change nothing.  When you are driving, you look forward to drive, not in the rear-view mirror. The past is the past.  You cannot and will not change it.

Instead talk about what you’re doing right and how everything is ‘just falling into place’. Why? Because you are in the driver’s seat. You are looking out the front windshield and moving down the highway of life.

Remember that each days holds so many discoveries for you.  New dreams, goals and reasons to be…..just happy. That is #worklifebalance at its best.

“Your best days are ahead and are waiting for you to be the best version of yourself!” -Mama Deb

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