The Holiday Balance

I’ve always loved the expression “Work hard, play hard”.

To me, it’s not a motto, it’s an attitude.

Most people work doing what they love and also take the time off to have a holiday and embrace the true meaning of a holiday. What exactly is that?  Here’s my list that I neverstray from:

  1. Disconnect from technology
  2. Use your mind to think of other things (no work)
  3. Expand your thoughts
  4. Rest
  5. Relax
  6. Rejuvenate
  7. Reacquaint yourself with quiet
  8. Enjoy family, friends
  9. See new scenery

You don’t have to travel to have this list. It can be a staycation and you can complete this list with a short drive to a new destination near your home for point #9.

I’ve just returned from a beautiful week on the island of St. Maarten.  I feel that I’ve come full circle with this island as I honeymooned there 23 years ago with my husband John.  We found the resort we stayed at in 1993 and it was a surreal feeling to return!

The main point of my blog this week is that #worklifebalance is the main premise to taking and enjoying your holidays.  I’ve met many people over the years who do NOT take their holidays and lose them or some employers allow you to roll them to the next year.

Holidays are meant to be taken as we all need a break and this affords you a week of taking your wants and needs and all the thoughts in your imagination to take flight and make it happen.

For those of you reading this thinking….but…the work piles up when I’m away, emails, voice mails, etc.  My answer is simple – so what.  We (as a society) have survived before technology and always will if you allow your attitude to just simply except it.

Many people strive for “things” and “stature”.  Good health is the best wealth. Without it you have nothing and eventually you will pay for not looking after yourself.

Here’s a straight up quote that will help you “get it” very easily!

When your gone your inbox will still be full.  -Deborah Crowe

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