Thank you 2017!

I have decided to write my year-end blog early as I am off to our nation’s capital Ottawa, Ontario for New Year’s Eve with my husband John to ring in the New Year at a gala charity ball! The tuxedo and ball gown are ready and so are our cousins who we will be joining to celebrate!

2017. You were more than 365 days to me. My year in reflection was nothing shy of magical. New friends, new learning, reuniting with old friends, challenges, obstacles, round-a-bouts, like you, 2017 had it’s up and downs but I chose how to react to the ‘dips’ in a much different manner.

I no longer question or give emotion to the ‘dips’. The ‘dips’ come as they are supposed to show up in our life. I truly believe I am divinely guided and sometimes the path may be different from my vision or plan, but like a good GPS, I adjust my thoughts, release any emotion and keep moving forward. Each time I may feel knocked down, I get back up. It’s that simple.

Fitness has continued to be an integral part of my life. I no longer get on the scale or worry about weight loss or inches. I love who I AM in my skin 24/7. I work out 5-7 days a week and choose to mix up what I do. I go to the gym, workout in my home gym, do some cardio, a nature hike, yoga flow, whatever I feel like doing for my body I do!

I decided to learn some new skills in 2017. I hired an amazing meditation coach (Angela Kontgen). She has enriched my life and my morning routine beyond measure. My day always starts with her custom meditations first and foremost and sets the tone for my day. Each month is a new delight of her creative genius.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up to become a certified yoga teacher. The “f” word entered my mind that it was not possible. Then a good friend encouraged me to sign up. I emailed the yoga teacher (Jocelyn Morwood-DeGroot) who welcomed me with open arms and has shown me that I am not only a good student but love to contribute each class. May 2018, I will be able to teach yoga and I have already been offered a position to teach yoga!!! My intent was for an opportunity to show up when the teaching was completed and it chose to appear smack dab in the middle of the training!

I increased my self-care time HUGE. Each day, I take at least one-hour minimum for me. After 6 years of life coaching and speaking on work-life balance, it was time for me to up my self-care time. I have mastered the art of saying ‘no’ and only surround myself with positive, like-minded people — ALWAYS. There is no room for anything else.

I met so many wonderful people in person this year that I knew online through my global community in 26 countries, The Change Book Series. It’s an emotional feeling to finally meet someone face to face after knowing them for over two years. Skype coffees together, Zoom meetings with a glass of Malbec or a good ‘ole telephone conversation, BUT, nothing will ever replace face to face and seeing true, genuine emotion of meeting another human being that shares your vision, your beliefs and is truly an awesome person!

Each day I have a mantra to help others, have gratitude and I absolutely love connecting people! It brings me great joy.

Being the radio host for The Change Book Radio Show (now going into its 3rd year!) has been phenomenal. Each week I am speaking to another amazing coach, speaker, consultant or trainer and the goodness they are bringing to this world every day with their flair and passion! Our change community is growing and I know we are shifting a paradigm in so many ways!

Finished the year with an awesome trip to New York City with Gerry Visca (WhyGuy) and Angela Kontgen! I met Ava Diamond, Amy Slater, Michael Cole & Mike Greenly! I also got to be on the Dr. Oz Show and meet the man himself! He is as gentle and authentic just like we see on TV! I told him I am coming back as a guest!

So, here’s a glimpse of 2018 and what I am creating!

  1. January – A glamorous New Year’s Eve to bring 2018 in style! A long, beautiful gown and my husband John by my side! Planning a special project that I am working on with Susan Sharp & Mike Greenly. It will be life-changing for many people and it’s time. My launch for Defyeneurs – From Simplified to Getting Real!
  2. A romantic week-long trip to Los Cabos, Mexico with my husband in February! Connect with new, interesting people on Linked In. Become a brand ambassador for a product/service that I love!
  3. March – San Francisco here I come! Celebrating my friend Amy Slater’s event with Gerry Visca & Angela Kontgen! I will also be speaking somewhere – I haven’t decided yet – Perhaps at Linked In? A road trip with Amy Slater to see Jim Britt as well!
  4. April – Collaboration with some of The Change Book Co-Authors and host an event! Bring more awareness for how important Fitness over 50 is, combined with worklifebalance and a heightened level of self-care!
  5. May – Finishing my yoga teacher training! Namaste! Start teaching yoga!
  6. June – Boating season begins and new adventures are to be created and lived! My story will be published in a provincial publication about Christine & I and our journey together since her car accidents and the effects of living with a brain injury.
  7. July – Summertime and the living is easy! Self-care time is increased to the maximum level! Reflect and review the first half of 2018!
  8. August – Women Who Influence Lunch (speaker this year) and also at canfitpro. I want to co-lead the Leadership Summit with Ryan Hogan again and also host on the Main Stage and speak as well!
  9. September – Celebrate 25 years of marriage! A trip to Ireland!
  10. October – Create a Women’s Retreat (One Day) – To be decided
  11. November – Speak at a women’s event
  12. December – Reflect. Review. Embrace. Smile. What a year! Whoop!

What I know for sure is that I will continue to learn and live each day to the fullest. I value my friends and next year is my 25th wedding anniversary! I will have clear intentions and as Angela coaches me more, combine my intentions with an elevated emotion!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! If we have not connected, please reach out and let’s connect! Together we are better!

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