Stress: The Double-Edged Sword

This week, I am delighted to have Justin Darling as my guest blogger.

Stress: The Double-Edged Sword

Is stress a good thing or a bad thing?

How do you manage your stress?

Can you control your stress?

Stress appears in our relationships, our businesses, our health and even our spiritual practice.   In the moment stress is accompanied by a raised heart rate, racing thoughts, racing breath, elevated blood pressure, shaking, pain, etc. under immense stress our body goes into a state of fight or flight (this is your adrenaline kicking in).  You either curl up into a ball and shut off, run away from the current situation, or you’re standing up to fight.

Doesn’t stress sound a lot like concepts of fear?

The hormones your body releases when you’re experiencing stress (Cortisol) causes your body to enter a fear state.

Is fear a good thing or a bad thing?

How do you manage your fear?

Can your control your fear?

Fear is a good thing, it stops us from doing things that will harm us.  It’s also a bad thing, it often serves as an excuse for ourselves to not break the barriers that are holding us back from achieving greatness.

As I described it above, in the moment fear is overwhelming.  It is very possible to manage your breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, cognitive thought using mindfulness with the understanding that you’re feeling fear, or stress.  Do you know what a large amount of stress hormone feels like?

Controlling your fear is an interesting concept.  To give a simple example, when we work out at the gym, we’re experiencing elevated stress hormone.  When we use a calm breathing practice in a state of meditation we’re practicing calming our stress hormone.

When we practice the up-regulation and the down-regulation of our stress hormone we develop a broader scope of self.

We’re left with an expanded consciousness of experience in our relationships, our businesses, our health and our spiritual practice.

Feel your stressfeel your fearexpand your capacity and be great.

Justin Darling, Cognitive Programmer

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