Serving Others is True Balance

Every three months I organize a social gathering with my two colleagues Courtney Hance and Paul Campbell. Our group, London Ontario Professional Network (LOPN) has now grown to 4400+ members and we are very proud of our continual, steady growth.

We are often asked “why” we choose a non-profit or community organization when we plan our social gatherings. The reason is because it’s simple. Giving back to those less fortunate is an easy task to do.

On October 25, 2016, we hosted 100 + LOPN members, colleagues and community partners at Windermere Manor. We were excited at the response from the community. Companies and individuals who could not attend hosted a sock drive at work and collected socks for our event and either dropped them off or we were happy to pick them up.

The night was magical. We had several corporate sponsors, delicious appetizers, live music and at the end of the evening we collected over 800+ pairs of socks plus cash donations. April and Shelly were so happy that they felt a bit overwhelmed to see a community come together as their inventory is very low at this time.

A pair of socks has a huge impact for a homeless person. April shared how it changes their mindset to know that they can put on a fresh, clean pair of socks. A simple task we do each and every day without really thinking about it.

Philanthropy is and will always be a part of my life. Giving back is an easy way to fill your gratitude cup and help others less fortunate than yourself. I was taught this core value at a young age and have practiced it every since.

My challenge to you is to help us keep their inventory plentiful. Most people donate at Thanksgiving and Christmas which is outstanding, however, there are 10 other months in the year to fill the void of 365 days in total.

Are you able to hold a sock drive at your company? A pair of socks costs $2.00. We all have that money for those morning coffees – it also puts a pair of socks on someone’s cold feet in the middle of winter. A bit of food for thought to help you gain perspective.

Bless Their Socks has a facebook page and the URL is:

Let’s help our community and give back. $2 or purchase a pair of socks. It sounds simple. Let’s replenish their inventory so that they have an ongoing influx of donations to offer the youth at risk and the homeless.

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