My Global Community – 26 countries and growing!

A phone call can change everything.

It was October 2015 and I was speaking with Jim Britt (Tony Robbin’s first mentor) and Jim Lutes whom I have great admiration and respect for. They are my mentors, business colleagues, and have become my true friends.

I had a vision to create a radio show to create a platform to interview and showcase all of the co-authors in The Change Book Series.

Jim & Jim loved the idea and said, “Deb, go for it!”. November 2015, the show was created and we are celebrating our 2nd year anniversary!

You can listen here:

The global book series is now on Book 15. We have 20 co-authors per book. Yes, let’s do the math! That’s 300 co-authors across 26 countries! E-X-C-I-T-I-N-G!

The talent among this global community is profound. The commonality among the skill sets is coaches, speakers, trainers and authors on all of our CV’s.

As a group we are Change Makers. We are shifting a paradigm to make the world a better place in all that we do each day.

I truly believe we all have a “book” inside of us. If this speaks to you, start with a chapter (3,000 words) and let the writing begin! The hardest part is starting.

If this resonates with you, email us at:

I received a testimonial on my chapter from Book #5 and it makes me smile to know that my writing has made a difference in someone’s life.

“Work life balance eludes the clear majority, not because they are less deserving, unqualified or even misled by society, in many cases it eludes because it’s not visible, it has no DNA trail to follow. It’s not a place of arrival, nor is it a level for attainment or purchase, it is, in Deb’s words, a right!

Work-Life Balance is not simply priority based, its quality based, as defined by this wonderful Renaissance woman whom has a great deal of real life wisdom based on experiences from unsure futures; applications derived from experience and results both favorable and challenging; retooling, and relaunching a process that creates increasingly beneficial outcomes.

So, what does an understanding and application of Work-Life Balance mean to you the reader, you the woman, you the mother, you the emerging or tenured renaissance woman yourself or their significant other? In one word it means ‘acceptance’.

I can guarantee that this read will not only be enlightening but most likely new; it’s complete in presentation and application of how one defines balance with home and work, how to understand deficiencies and how to erect new models that can provide a better and clearer journey of how to be free and unencumbered from other people’s objectives; how to achieve your own Work-Life balance.

I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s a pretty sexy plan to put to put energy to.”

Allan Wich, Founder of ‘The Heart God Gave Me Project’,

Co-Founder Mavericks Mastermind

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