Mom of the Month History

May is always a special month for me.  It starts with the second Sunday and the celebration of Mother’s Day. Being a mother is truly one of the greatest gifts that life gives us.

A week later it’s my birthday and my family deems that May is really all about me! I gracefully accept that!

Since 2013, it’s been a pleasure for me to honor a woman each month on my Facebook Page ( It was the start of our Mom of the Month. A flurry of emails is sent each year with recommendations of women to me from all over the world and it’s such a pleasure to read through the emails and choose a mom who epitomizes the true meaning of being a mother and also demonstrates work life balance.

I’m often asked how I choose and there are no specific criteria other than I look for women from all walks of life whether it be psycho-socially, social economically, community leader, there are many facets that I look for.

The common element is when I ask women I get two general responses. They are so shocked that I picked them to be featured and they are quite emotional OR they are lacking confidence, they get upset and do not want to be featured as they feel they are not enough and not a good mother.  I have seen many women over the past three years who have been one or the other.

The good news is that I always take it as a learning opportunity regardless of which response I receive and have never pushed any Mom to be featured as they are not ready to do so.

We have transitioned to video for 2016 and the moms are having fun answering my questions with or without their children present.

It astonishes me that most Moms have not been told they are a good Mom. Why is this?  A good conversation always happens during my process of choosing my Mom of the Month. There is reflection, laughter, tears and a confidence that slowly appears and sustains when they are profiled for the whole month.

Like many other elements of our life, we need to be in balance knowing that we don’t need other people’s opinions, comments or reflection of who we are as a woman or a mom.

If this blog resonates with you, I hope you leave a comment of your power as a woman, mother, entrepreneur, domestic engineer.

It does not matter to me if you are a janitor for a company or the CEO running it, keep your power in all hats that you wear from the time you awake until the time you call it a day.

I’ve met so many amazing women all over the globe and their strength, tenacity, grit, interpersonal power always inspires me to be the better version of myself after meeting or speaking with them.

Here’s the list of amazing women that have been Mom of the Month:

Angie Cameron, November 2013, Domestic Engineer, Fitness Instructor

Lara Martens, December 2013, Registered Massage Therapist, Doula

Cynthia Bendle, January 2014, Photographer

Julie Atchison, February 2014, News Personality

Jennifer Nadon, March 2014, Legal Clerk

Christine Hicks, April 2014, Researcher, Coach

Amy Cheetham, May 2014, Owner, Melrose Bakery

Amanda Parker, June 2014, Registered Massage Therapist

Tania Demelo, July 2015, Hairstylist

Courtney Hance, August 2015, Co-Owner, The Branding Firm

Jess Jones, September 2015, Entrepreneur, Artist, Bakery Manager, Sunripe

Jenn Kelley, October 2015, Administrator

Ellie Borden, November 2015, Entrepreneur, Coach, Author

Natasha Hockley, December 2015, Entrepreneur

Deborah Crowe (yes, my kids thought it was turn), January 2016, Entrepreneur, Coach, Author

Amanda Watts, February 2016, Entrepreneur, Coach, Author (UK)

Melodie Champion, March 2016, Entrepreneur, Coach, Fitness Instructor

Anne Marie Shrouder, April 2016, Speaker, Facilitator, Consultant

Heather Cabral, May 2016, Entrepreneur

Stay tuned each month as this amazing list continues to grow!

To all the moms reading my blog this week, you rock! Keep being you!

Remember this little quote from me when you are having a “mommy moment” “When nothing goes right….try going left”. -Mama Deb xo

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