Meditation for Surgery Recovery

This year I underwent a very invasive surgery. Prior to the surgery, I chose to have a dual approach to my healing and overall recovery. Listening to my doctor’s recommendations along with meditation within a few hours after my surgery which continued daily for 4 hours per day for 10 days. On the 11th day, I switched to visualization. I was back to work after two weeks and back to exercising after 6 weeks. My recovery has been expeditious and gentle. Not the norm. My mindset and choosing the modality of meditation received from my meditation coach Angela Kontgen was the key! I am healthy, happy, fit and healed! Angela has created a monthly meditation group called Symphonies of the Mind. I am so glad that I joined as a member as it keeps me more balanced than I have ever been!

I am honored to have Angela as my guest blogger this week. Enjoy!

The First Step in the Healing Process..

So here’s a big fat Aha! –  calming the brain & mind is the first step in the healing process and the missing link to new levels of health and healing.  Next aha… one of the best ways to calm the brain and mind is meditation!  By the end of this, if you’ve got some healing to do, I’m  hoping you’ll be inspired to get your butt on a seat and do some guided breathing…

Here’s the thing, doesn’t it make sense that before you down the next prescription or pile of supplements & gruesome shot of wheat grass – that calming the brain and mind and shifting out of survival mode might be a really good thing? You see when you’re in survival mode, which for most of us happens almost as soon as we wake, you are not in healing mode.

When your brain is in it’s normal ‘busy’ state you are not, optimally, set up for new levels of health and healing.  

You are optimally set up for healing when the brain and mind are calmer and meditation helps you do just that.  One of the first functions of meditation is to calm the brain and mind and shift you into what I like to call the “All is well, creation” state.  As you calm the brain, you elevate your healing systems – the nervous system, your digestive system, the immune system, the hormonal system – all these systems and more engage and function more optimally to support your healing.

After 25 years in the health & wellness field, I dream of a day when both allopathic & naturopathic practitioners will begin their process by giving their patients a Rx (script) for 30 sessions of meditation, as first line therapy, before hastily handing over a Rx for drugs or supplements.

I believe when that happens, among a few other things, we will see a huge shift in health and healing…I hope I’m around when that happens.  Till then, I will continue my inspired journey to help more people meditate and make it easy, inspiring and accessible in everyday life…

To your health & your healing.

Angela Kontgen, Meditation Coach & Creator

Angela creates inspiring & customized meditations for everyday life & leadership.  She is on a mission to get more people meditating and to make it easy, inspiring and accessible in everyday life.

After 17 years in corporate life & now over 10 years of coaching people in all aspects of Life & Leadership, she now focuses on one thing – Meditation – that positively impacts everything.

So if you are inspired and ready to take that gorgeous mind of yours to new levels…I’d love to help.

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