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Lost your Balance? Hope is here….

There are moments in life when things don’t go well and you are left frankly unbalanced on all levels. I am proud to know that there is a place in my city, London, Ontario that sees this as opportunity. Whether you are new to our beautiful country or you know someone who could use a helping hand.

Children are not born with any difficulties. With life experiences, exposure to dysfunction, youth only know what they see, hear and are having modeled to them by example. When we focus on the positive and provide a light at the end of a “dim” tunnel that where the magic happens. Education and mentorship at it’s best.

This week, I am honored to have Carole Alain, Prospective / Job Developer at Le Collège Boréal provide information on my blog to those who may a little help and support to get back on track and have some balance in their life. Enjoy!

Not just a French College – Collège Boréal offers Employment Ontario programs for youth, newcomers, Canadians, and local businesses.

Youth (from 15 to 29 years old) with barriers to employment due to having no high school, lack of confidence or simply because they lost their way and don’t know how to go forward. This is a 4-week program (60 hours) where the youth learns how to deal with his/her barriers through various assignments and group work. Once the 60-hour program is completed, the youths that are ready and willing to work are then matched with an employer who is open to giving them a chance. Employment Ontario offers an incentive for placements to these respective employers to help them with the training which might take a little longer than usual. That will help cover the cost of the placement for up to 6 months.

Newcomers – they have the expertise, the education and willingness to work – their barriers are simply that they have no Canadian work experience. In order to help them find employment, employers are approached and can be offered an incentive that will help cover the cost of a placement for approximately 2 months to incite them in hiring these immigrants.

Canadian with barriers to employment – whether they have a lack of experience, holes in their resumes or are down on their luck, incentives, once again, can be offered to employers for hiring these job searchers to help cover the cost of a placement for approximately 2 months depending on the individual and budget.


Business French – Your employees need to be upgraded in French, whether for grammar or vocabulary. Search no more, Collège Boréal can help by assessing your employees and setting them up in a customized program to make their learning fast and efficient.

Paid training for your staff – Do you want to train your employee(s) to the next level but don’t have the funds to do so? We can help. Through the Canada Ontario Job Grant Program, you can get 2/3 of the training paid.

Whatever your needs – Collège Boréal is the place to start.

This is where we match Employers and Employees.

Everyone is welcome!

Contact Carole for more information: | 519-672-1562

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