It’s a Simple Decision

As I write this week’s blog, I am continually dumbfounded that people are pushing themselves beyond their limits — physically, psychologically, emotionally — the message here on ALL levels.

We are not built to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There is nothing in the world that is so important you risk your health to meet a deadline or get someone to notice your work.  Perhaps that is how workaholics are born?

I know this because of the unfortunate exposure I’ve had as a Work Life Balance Specialist to the people who thought they could do it all and also have the inability to say no with the FEAR that someone may judge them.  This costed them greatly and with a price tag of a medical diagnosis.

Many people ask me if we can give “all” to our careers and still have a rich, full life of balance.  The answer is simple, YES you can and it’s about making a simple decision.

The key is to really focus in on what matters in your life.  Success means many things to many people, here’s a list to see where your thoughts may be:

  • Personal Achievement
  • Helping to make a difference
  • Working within a team
  • Earning respect from your peers
  • Feel true passion for what you do
  • Committed to being a lifelong learner
  • Wanting to climb that corporate ladder
  • Enjoy going to work each day

Does this list incorporate some of your thoughts for success within the work place or a self-assessment of “who you are” or “who you want to become?”

Let’s look at the opposite side of things for success in your personal life:

  • Great relationships (family, friends, partner)
  • You have created a life with meaning and purpose
  • Enjoy happiness
  • Become a member of your community
  • Committed to personal development and growth
  • Embrace new experiences
  • Have financial success

How does this list fare for where you are now? Where you want to be?

Work Life Balance is completely possible.  It’s about integration, acceptance, decision-making, removing what is not working in your life along with people who do not share your vision or lift you up to be the best version of you.

Constant juggling in your life will only give you more stress, a life of chaos, consistent frustration and will prevent you from integration for any type of balance into your life.

Life is about engaging in meaningful activities each day.  A solution of balance between work and personal.

Leaders and top executives practice this daily.  They have figured out the equation to main their own personal lives yet maintain a level of professional satisfaction coupled with an amazing skill set which equates to complete balance in both worlds.

An elderly client of mine gave me this special recipe many years ago and I continue to share it as much as possible:

A Recipe on How to Live Happily

Take two heaping cups of patience, one heart full of love and two handfuls of generosity.

Add a dash of laughter and a full cup of understanding with two cups of loyalty.

Mix well and sprinkle generously with kindness.

Spread this irresistible delicacy over a life time and serve to everybody you meet!

Feel free to use this recipe and share with everyone!

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