How to Live Authentically with Progression

A week ago I was asked to return to a radio show that I started in 2015. It was one of the most exciting projects I worked on and developed into a fun platform eventually getting it also on iTunes.

Life became busy and I paused, reflected and realized it was time to hand over the reins to two of my co-authors Rich Perry and Larunce Pipkin. They carried the torch and kept the show going week to week until they got busy and could no longer host the show.

My ‘aha’ reflection was that I should take the show back. All I had to do was change the day/time that would work for me. Last week that idea came to full fruition and I was back on the airwaves interviewing Diana Allen from the south of France.

Technology is amazing when it works which is 99% of the time. For the 1% it doesn’t I always pause and try to find the message.

This week I had the privilege of interviewing actor and Hollywood producer David Heavener. I had read his chapter in The Change Book Series (#10) and did my research on who he was, what he does, where he came from, etc.

We start the interview and it was so enjoyable, I loved every minute and we lost our internet connection. Instead of panicking, I sat at my desk and started to laugh. We were taking about faith and the most important element of our life — time.

As I sat and tried to reconnect with David, it was not going to happen. I considered it a “sign” from above that perhaps this week’s blog needed to speak about the value of time and how precious it really is. Once it’s gone there is no getting it back. Yes, you can be remorseful, sad and for some people keep talking about it. David framed it in such a way that we must capture each moment and live life to the fullest and with pure gratitude.

My point this week is that we must live to learn each day. We must life with the mindset to progress each day as a human being. Progression is the key. Perfection is non-existent and if you try to be perfect, it’s time to look inward as there is no one living on planet earth who can coin that phrase in a self-description.

Making decisions that are good for you is always the best solution. There will always be other factors that will “fog” your thoughts with judgement, indecisiveness, what others may think, etc. That does not matter. What matters is what is good for you in that moment — time.

David Heavener gave me that gentle reminder this week during our interview on The Change Book Radio Show. Sometimes, life gives you the ‘gentle reminders’ to keep us in check. Allowing ourselves time to pause is always a welcomed time.

This weekend give yourself a break. Wrap yourself in a warm blanket with that herbal tea. Embrace yourself in silence, gratitude and meditation. I promise you will be awakened by the silence and learn a few new things about yourself, your life and some key decisions you have needed to make will be answered and you can move forward with a life full or progression.

I’m signing off for the weekend myself. #silenceisgolden

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