Here’s to Balancing Social Media

This week I am pleased to introduce you to one of the social media entrepreneurs who is trailblazing and making his own path. Marshal Gillen is a true leader, not a follower. He is raw, real and a creative genius. He is a millennial to follow and watch. I can tell you first hand that time is his biggest commodity as he values it and doesn’t waste a minute. Enjoy Marshal’s Blog.

The Cold Hard Truth About Social Media

You do not exist.

And I apologize if that offends you. But you simply don’t. You do not exist from this day forward.

Actually, let me back up…

How presumptuous of me starting off my blog like that. Allow me a quick preface. If you’re reading this now, the days of old are gone. If you’re reading this blog…then this 100% applies to you now. You can’t wait until tomorrow, or next week, or later this year.

If you’re reading this right now, it means you own a business or have developed a personal brand (more on personal branding in a few paragraphs), which means the opening statement applies to you specifically.

From this day forward, if you are NOT visible on social media…you do not exist. Period. And don’t get started on the “well I prefer to do business the old-fashioned way and it’s worked for years…

How did the successful soapbox salesman feel about guys who decided they’d try something new and would walk door-to-door? That was too extreme and would never work.

Or how about when that sly door-to-door salesman decided he wouldn’t use the telephone to make sales calls because it was too impersonal?

Some of you may even remember that time that one guy thought it’d be a good idea to sell home computers! Oh my gosh…what a CRAZY idea! “They’ll never sell home computers! Who needs a whole computer just for their house?!”

Got it?

The rise of social media has put every brand and business owner in the exact same position as those listed above. So the question isn’t if a social media presence is needed or not needed, the question is, ‘Ok Marshal, I’m willing to accept that. What do I do about it from here?” (You see what I did there? I can’t help it, even when I’m writing chapters in books my marketing sense takes over and I lead people where I want them to go…because after all entrepreneurship above all else is being able to close sales…but I digress).

You are now in the middle of a new Industrial Revolution. The way the world is consuming information, buying products and services, communicating with one another, traveling so freely and the way that business is done, is all changing rapidly in an ever-evolving market landscape that is reshaped by new technology every quarter.

And quite frankly, if you didn’t grow up using it, the whole prospect of being on social media seems completely overwhelming and such a daunting task that you would rather just skip it, right?

So now that we’ve established that you have to be online from here on out, it really boils down to two options from here…

You do your social media yourself or you pay someone to do it for you.

But no longer can you just ignore it. Fifteen years ago if I told you it wasn’t that important to have a nice and visible sign on your brick and mortar, you would have run me out of town. Yet you all tell me the same thing about your Facebook Cover photo…it’s not that important. Think again.

Because while you might not care about your social media, your competitor does.

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