Having Gratitude for Imbalance

Today we live in a world that is literally on 24 hours a day, seven days a week because technology never sleeps and as human beings we feel the need to always respond.

The difficulty in achieving Work Life Balance for many people is that they don’t accept, acknowledge or give in to assessing, finding and really digging deep to the imbalance in their lives. It usually takes an emergency or a life altering trauma for individuals to get their ‘aha’ moment.

This usually results in individual reflection, revisiting the busyness of their live and the outcome that many of the tasks they are doing just isn’t worth the time or the risk of their health anymore.

My message as a mentor is let’s get ahead of the curve. Let’s not wait until we get a diagnosis, prognosis or that simply having nothing left for anyone including yourself is the answer.

Working with companies is my passion. HR professionals who want to reduce short-term disability claims and return employees to work, on time, appropriately and have learned the compensatory strategies they need to succeed in doing so.

Putting Work Life Balance principles into play is not easy. Like any new habit it takes time, planning, time management and most important an attitude of willingness to change and an employer who sees the ‘big picture’ and exercises being benevolent.

All goals for change have to be written down, assigned to date and then it has purpose and meaning.

Working with both individuals and companies, I often hear “where do I start?” You have to look at all aspect of your life work and personal to have a balance on each side. It’s like a good math equation.

Work Life Balance in my opinion is like Algebra.

If we look at the definition of Algebra, it is the language through which we describe patterns. Think of it as a shorthand, of sorts. As opposed to having to do something over and over again, Algebra gives you a simple way to express that repetitive process. It’s also seen as a “gatekeeper” subject.

Having gratitude for imbalance is the start of your check system. We repeat repetitive behaviour patterns that lead us to imbalance. We are the ‘gatekeeper’ to change the whole system and adopt a new attitude, goals that are sustainable and make the change to achieve Work Life Balance.

As you read this blog you are thinking to yourself, where do I start? Here’s a recommendation to get you started:

First thing when you rise in the morning (with your lemon water & coffee – it’s about balance!)

  1. Unplug from all technology
  2. New pad & pen
  3. Ask yourself where your imbalance is and make the list
  4. On another piece of paper write what you really want – you will be surprised how fast this list comes to you – that’s because it’s what you really want to have in your life!
  5. Set easy, achievable goals to allow you to see and celebrate success (small gains are good!)
  6. Have realistic expectations for giving dates to your goals
  7. Within 3-4 weeks you will see the imbalance shift and the balance appear in your life!

Planning and implementing are processes. Be patient with yourself and your Work Life Balance will unfold beautifully because you took the time to have gratitude for your imbalance, scheduled a time to plan hold to change this in your life and bask in the beauty of your new balanced life.

Progression is the key because perfection is non-existent.

Remember my favourite quote: “Work Life Balance is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle” –Mama Deb

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