Happy International Women’s day!

It warms my heart that March is dedicated to International Women’s Month. Today, March 8, 2018, is International Women’s Day. Celebrating this day means so much to me. Firstly, it means that as a strong woman, I am confident, resilient and can uphold those emotional traits with an unwavering proudness. Sure, there have been people and situations along the highway of life that have not been nice, however, I chose to embrace that resiliency and take the ‘lesson’.

Being a woman in a fast-paced world that is ever-changing allows me to constantly add tools to my mighty growing toolkit. It allows me the ability to step back and think about metacognition. Yes, I LOVE that word. Give myself time and space to think about the way I am thinking.

Daily affirmations are a wonderful practice and I use several different “sets” and I continue to evolve, create and change them as I seek wisdom, clarity, and growth as a strong woman.

My current set is: I am empathetic, I am observant, I am supportive, I am tolerant, I am just and fair, I am compassionate.

I truly believe we must own our story. Our story has chapters within it that are full of loss, sadness, trauma and the will to move forward. The strength and resiliency you seek and continue to grow comes from the hurting and feeling the “feels” when you lose something or someone deeply.

My ‘take’ on resiliency is being the Queen of getting back up. Yes, you can fall, but the power is when you stand up and rise and take your power back. You evolve and become stronger than you ever thought.

I am a woman who lives, breathes and practices #worklifebalance. I own it, I live it daily, I love it and #selfcare is my #1 priority, for, without it, I am empty and cannot help anyone or be the best version of me!

I am proud to be a strong woman who exemplifies leadership, kindness, authenticity and most important empathy. The power to listen and be fully present in the moment to all I meet.

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