Finding Social Balance

Do you remember the days when you went to your mailbox and found a handwritten letter or invitation and the excitement you felt to open it?

Formal communication has certainly changed since the internet came into our lives.

People are losing the face-to-face art of communication and leaning on the expeditious joy of texting and sharing their emotions with icons.

Don’t get me wrong, I am an internet, social media fan, however, I regularly exercise balance in my life and I absolutely love a phone call or even better a coffee with a friend or colleague and truly embracing the finest art of communication!

Sitting with someone and seeing their emotion, facial expressions, sharing in the excitement for intellectual, stimulating conversation and the ability to enjoy and listen nothing will ever replace that amazing gift for me.

Many people have allowed technology and social networking to succumb their professional and personal lives and cannot find the line of balance

More and more I see this when parents are watching their children at extracurricular events.  The child looks up and the parent(s) are on their phones. Why?

Emergencies are and will always be just that.  Can everything else not wait?

Perhaps that is your question to ponder this week.  Take inventory and stock if you are doing this and really how much and why?

Every inquiry, question, comment, situation does NOT require instant reply. That is how our society has propelled us to be. Yes, we have 24 hours in a day and why not respond and be “on” – just in case that beep, alarm, vibration, ring happens to let you know….in the exact moment that someone just checked into a place, had a coffee or is listening to the #1 song on the radio.

You work hard to have and maintain #worklifebalance. It’s not easy but it’s so worth the time, effort, energy and enjoyment to sustain it! #communicate #balance

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