End the Year with Balance

Well, here we are as another year is about to come to an end. It’s so meaningful for me to reflect back on the last twelve months and the many amazing memories that I have.

Meeting new people, co-authoring two books, travelling to new places, valuing new relationships, feeling daily gratitude for all the amazing people and abundance that my life has.

This week’s blog is about balancing your fear with whatever emotion or spirituality that you believe.

It’s very important to ‘watch your words’.  You can think or have ‘negative’ thoughts, BUT, you do not have to verbally express them.  Speaking these thoughts gives them light, energy and the chance to change direction from what you really want — this will push you back to imbalance.  Definitely not the right direction.

Your life is a true depiction of the words you speak combined with your thoughts.

When you are stressed and speak negatively, you will live that outcome.

Words are like seeds.  You plant (live) what you sow (say).  Being healthy and happy is easy — don’t become trapped by your words.

Over this past week, I have chosen to live in the true spirit of Christmas and share and help others less fortunate than I.

The sadness I have witnessed is people who have forgotten the reason for the season. They are hustling around, looking miserable, stressed and as I smile at them I see the emptiness…..Is this you?  Someone, you know?

As you finish off 2015 and prepare for 2016, take the time to think of what you really want and desire.  

Clarity cannot be achieved if you do not know what you want.

Head to your favourite bookstore – I am a Chapters Girl!  Buy a new journal and a new pen.  Brand new and your beautiful energy is now attached to it.

Start planning your success garden for 2016.

Who is going to come into your life?

Where are you travelling?

What are your top 3 goals?

What dates are you assigning to your goals? (Be accountable!)

Clarity + Vision = Success

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season.  Embrace your time together, cherish the moment and create new memories! Here’s to an awesome end of 2015 and a successful you as we launch into 2016! #mamadeb #worklifebalance

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