Embracing Balance at Christmas Time

Christmas can be a busy time of the year for all of us.  The key is to remember all the Work-Life Balance strategies you utilize the other 11 months of the year and what is working for you.

One common goal that brings us all together is that we all wish for our friends and family to have a happy and healthy Christmas season as we welcome a New Year.

Mama Deb wanted to give you some gift ideas to self-care back to yourself or perhaps help you with the people on your list that you just cannot buy for.

Here’s my list of gift recommendations:

A Homemade Gift Card – This can be done quite easily with colored paper and a printer.  If you have a teenager in your home, work out a deal for them to babysit for a friend, family member or colleague.  Make up a Babysitting gift card and the win-win is that you may have a night out with friends and utilize your Work-Life Balance equation better!

Offer to babysit –  A lot of time couples that don’t have the money to go out feel guilty asking others to babysit. Make up a babysitting voucher for your friends allowing couples precious time to re-connect and implement Work-Life Balance back into their lives.

Fitness Membership – It’s on everyone’s New Year’s Resolution list.  January is the largest month for any gym.  Give the gift of health.  The other bonus is that there is now gym/health clubs that are open 24 hours.

CHOCOLATE! – It had to make the list!  I’m speaking of Dr. Oz’s favourite kind which is organic, dark, chocolate (70% + is best! Cocoa).  This chocolate allows you to indulge a little without feeling guilty because this type of chocolate is high in flavonoids that are good for your circulation! How great is that?

Crock Pot – Crock pots are a time effective way to prepare succulent dishes for the time poor. Throw the ingredients in before you go to work and you have a beautiful meal waiting for you when you return.  Life just doesn’t get any better than this and your house smells inviting and wonderful!

Housekeeper – Hire a housekeeper or service for your loved one or colleague.  This is always a welcomed addition to any family and certainly helps for the people that are figuring out Work-Life Balance and are time poor.

Time – Visit your elderly relative, a friend/colleague who may not have means to get out in the community.  The gift of time to those who need you most will have everlasting rewards and not to mention it just feels so good to help others.

Baking/Cooking – Christmas time puts strain on many families for different reasons.  It could be overtime, layoffs, job loss or an illness in the family.  Baking a cake, muffins, cookies or bringing a crock pot over with a soup, stew, etc. is a gift that is priceless.  It is appreciated and needed by the family receiving it and shows that you took some time, effort, energy and love to prepare and consider them in your busy day.  The best gifts in life don’t cost you money, they utilize your time.

As we get closer to the Christmas season please take the time to remember and maintain your Work-Life Balance.  This can be a stressful time of year — if you let it be.  However, take the few minutes to relax, be silent and take a deep breath.

Remember the reason for the season.  What is really needed is your presence not presents.

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