Don’t think, live outside of the box!

I’ve always been intrigued to be at an event and to be asked, “What do you do?” Enter your well-versed thirty-second elevator speech where you condense who you are and what you do for the new person you are speaking with. Their non-verbal communication of body language, facial expression, and their eyes if they are looking at you is a key indicator if they are really paying attention and interested. Hopefully, they don’t have their iPhone in their hand and are multitasking while you are speaking (I see this all the time). #whereisyourattention

I no longer use the word networking. I meet people and build relationships. Always have, always will. I get the most value out of meeting people who add value in my life with no intent of work or reciprocation. We help, support and serve each other because we can and there’s no agenda. #bepresent

I’ve always enjoyed stimulating, intellectual conversation. Listening. Not thinking about what to say or how to respond. Being present in the moment and connecting with people. #metacognition

I love people. I like meeting and learning about who they are, what they enjoy (not do) and what lights up their world and when they tell me, seeing their smiling face and hearing their voice full of joy. #lifematters

I decided in the fall of 2017 that I am choosing to be and live authentically undefined. Why do we have to be bound to a title? Job Description? Initials after our name? #freedomtobe

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1990. I am celebrating my 28th anniversary in May 2018. Over the years, some of my best mentors and colleagues have shared and taught me from their best life experiences and education through the school of hard knocks. I love this. No false pretence. Real life experience embraced with richness on how to learn from it, not repeat it and more importantly, whom they became during and after the experience and how they chose to pay it forward and teach others. #richnessfromlife

Being authentically undefined is allowing myself full transparency every day. I choose what I want to do and when. #authenticallyme

I’ve had a rich life full of beautiful experiences that have taken me all over the world. Exposure to many different industries and an amazing network of colleagues and friends in 26 countries, of which I am proud to have. #gratefulandblessed

When I am asked the proverbial question, “What do you do?” my first response is to laugh because I love to do lots of things! My skill set is full of richness and I use my skills and talents daily! #letmeshowyou

People call or text me and say “you are so busy, you’re doing 10 things at once!” I may be, but it’s my choice. I certainly live each day to the fullest, doing what I want to do and the common thread is each day is that I help and serve others. I live in balance, which is why I love to coach and speak on work-life balance. #bemyselfalways

On any given day, you may find me doing one of the following:

1. Being an awesome mom – loving, supporting, teaching and mentoring my two daughters.

2. Supporting and loving my husband of 28 years.

3. Listening, loving and supporting my small circle of friends.

4. Mentoring, helping and listening to my powerful network of colleagues and friends around the globe.

5. Producing or hosting my weekly radio show – The Change Book Radio Show –

6. Life Coaching with amazing clients around the globe with my online coaching business.

7. Professionally speaking on #worklifebalance (my favourite topic in the world!)

8. Wellness Ambassador – representing products or services that I love!

9. Case Navigator – Being the voice for those who need me (clients with acquired brain injuries and spinal cord injuries). Moving insurance claims forward and completing medical rehabilitation assessments for insurance adjusters and legal counsel in Canada and the United States. #bethevoice

10. Finishing my RYT200 Yoga Teaching Certification in May 2018 – Lots of ideas of where I want to take this. There is solace in knowing who I am completely when I am present on my yoga mat and that I am able to transfer that into all my activities of daily living. #transparency

As you can see from my list, I love doing many different things. My skills have been developing and growing since I was 24 years old. I did not get to finish my University degree as my dad passed away when I was 21 years old. Life handed me some lemons and it was how I responded and decided to move forward as a young woman that has guided me to be a successful, confident entrepreneur. #schoolofhardknocks

I’ve met some incredible people in this world. I absolutely love to connect people whom I know have similar synergy and I do this every single day. #connector

So, if you ask me “What I do”, I choose to do all things greatly with love with the intent of always serving others. #helpeachday

I will not succumb to be bound by a title. I think outside the box. I live outside the box. Each day is a new opportunity to do and be whom I want to be. I will show up fully and with the intent to be awesome. I am sure if you look at your day, you also don’t have “one title” now do you? #askyourself

With me, you will get 28 years of rich experience from traditional education and a life lived well and a global network that is powerful and standing right beside me. #likeattractslike #thinkoutsidethebox #liveoutsidethebox

With gratitude,

Deb Crowe

Happy, Balanced & Authentically Undefined

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