Personal Clarity: Do You Have It?

This week I am choosing to blog about clarity and understanding personal clarity. It seems to be a common buzz word within the life coaching world and I felt compelled this week to write about it.

What Is Personal Clarity?

Clarity is the quality or state of being clear. As with many elements of our life, this can be perceived in many ways for people.

Live Your Life Clearly

This week I received a unique quote from ( and it further showed me that clarity was going to be the blog topic this week. The quote was “Deb if you just think what you know to think, say what you know to say, and do what you know to do, you’ll blow all the little minds.”

This quote was impactful and I have reread it many times over the week. To me, it simply means that we think what we wantsay what we want and know and demonstrate those actions in all we do.

Living your life with your core beliefs and not swaying from them. Not letting others dictate your self-measurement on the success scale. What is success anyway? Money? Happiness? Likes? Friends? Followers? Attention? Again, is this is a self-fulfilling prophecy?

The quote in the picture above says it all. We are born into this world to be real, not to be perfect. There is no perfection in this world period. How can we evolve and grow as a person if we were perfect? If you hit the glass ceiling where do you go? The joy is getting to the glass ceiling, breaking through and hitting the next level of whatever your personal journey may be in this lifetime.

Understand Personal Clarity and ‘Why’

I also seeing the purposeful question of finding who you are and your “why”. To me, clarity and why go together. Finding your purpose is ongoing, everchanging and a true joy ride along the way.

Life hands us challenges to grow, not to detour and let them take us emotionally captive. Perception and how you to choose to have clarity and realize the ‘why’ in the challenge is the thrill. It’s the pathway to finding your clarity and why.

Each day we are afforded 24 hours to show our strength, own our confidence and as my colleague and friend Lori Schmidtke coins as her brand for Klas Squared to #wearyourpower.

If you are choosing your path, going at your own pace, learning along the way and loving every moment, your in the right time and space. Your clarity is in motion and growing and the “why” is riding along side of you.

Clarity comes in different ways for each of us. If you don’t have your why, don’t fret, keep moving forward with who you are and what you love to do. Let the enjoyment of the time you are spending bring your mind, heart and soul together in a visualization of clarity that you create when your ready and on your terms.

Trailblazing is hard work and fun at the same time! Enjoy the journey! #worklifefit

Understanding Personal Clarity

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