Choose to Balance & Make A Life

With all of the current events going on in the world, I felt very compelled to blog about one simple choice you can make in your life to ensure pure happiness.

Many people strive to have it all.  Big home, fancy car, latest fashion, etc. The materialistic side of life can certainly be inviting, however, at the end of the day is it what you really want?  Price tags, metallic paint, the latest and greatest from the fashion runway do not fill us up on a holistic level.

I’ve mentored and lectured many individuals and groups on this very topic. Things cannot make you memories. Experiences with other human beings are what we all strive for and want in our lives.

Creating memories invoke the ability for us to utilize and experience every possible emotion.  Someone can cite a date, time or place, and most people know exactly where they were in that moment. For example, where were you during 9/11? You can instantly recall this day.

My point this week is many people choose to get caught up in ‘stuff’ and become myopic. They are unable to see, feel or experience what they really want in their life because they do not know or have the ability to have that vision.

Life will always give us obstacles, barriers, etc. It’s how you to choose to respond and carry on with your life that gives you longevity.

Think back over your life of all the hurdles, obstacles, barriers that you have overcome and how upon reflection you have grown from those experiences.

When people let me know that they were at the right time, at the right place I always laugh to myself. There is no coincidences.  I am and will always be a firm believer in everything happens for a reason — good or otherwise.

When you are having a week that is not going as planned, perhaps that is the best time to reflect on who, what, where, when, why. The power that lies in each of us is greater than those against us.

As you go ahead with your week, remember to always make a life, not a living.

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