Balancing the What-If-Itis

Welcome to 2016! Ready for the next journey in your new beautiful book full of 365 pages?  We are now into day 5. So far, I am impressed with the launch of this new year.

All that it will bring has been up to me.  My goals, dreams and aspirations. Sitting in silence and finding clarity for what I really want. Most people are not sure what they want in their life or quite frankly what they expect to get out of their life.  Sad isn’t it?

I found the graphic (above) on the internet and posted it.  The feedback that I received from this image was amazing and certainly sparked a lot of conversation.

My journey in life did not allow me to finish University as my Dad passed away. There was no support, guidance or direction when I was the young age of 21. My only option was to find my inner grit and use my street smarts to start a business and not look back and that’s exactly what I did.

I’ve been an entrepreneur now for 25.5 years! Along the way, each year I have taken both college and university classes and most of my friends and colleagues are so eager for me to sit with an academic counsellor and figure out what type of degree lies within my long, extensive course listing.  It’s not important to me.  I have a doctorate in life experience that spans the globe! I’ve worked with international clients including the Australian Department of Defense. I worked in the medical industry for over 20 years when everyone told me I couldn’t. My goals and inner grit always told me I could and to try!

The point I want to make in this week’s blog is many successful people, especially entrepreneurs do not have a degree, diploma or certification.  Richard Branson, Henry Ford, Coco Chanel and Abraham Lincoln to name a few.

People are drawn to our character and human emotion of truly caring.  One of my best skills that I have honed is listening.  I listen to really learn and hear from the person I am in conversation with.  Many people listen to respond. Try and see the difference in your listening skills and abilities in your next conversation and don’t feel the rush to answer or move on to your next task at work.

We all have amazing potential in our lives.  It’s getting clarity to find it and execute it…perhaps it’s a self-time release…what’s the date?

2016 is a new year for growth, talent increase and ability to shine.  We all have more inside of us.  We are truly capable of more than we know.

So, stop the “What-If-Itis”. Perhaps if you look at the glass half full you may pleasantly surprise yourself ! Be focused! Be intentional.

Sometimes stretching yourself beyond measure is when you see a glimpse of the best version of you.  What if it works?

We all have talents prior to post-secondary education that we have gained from our parents, extended family, employers, friends, experiences, trauma, grief, etc. Combine that with some ‘street smart’ common sense and you will see someone with a study flow of growth and focus much like the entrepreneurs I spoke of earlier.

Here’s an impressive list of 100 top entrepreneurs — it’s an impressive list!  Enjoy!

In closing, I want to say that some of my most amazing friends and colleagues have had the privilege to have post-secondary education.  Many of them have multiple degrees ranging from their Master to their Ph.D.  Let’s just say that our conversations are interesting and I am always told by them that my work experience could not measure to academics and I am proud to be an “out of the box” thinker!

What amazing things are you going to do this year? #dreamcrusher #goalsmasher #live #life #abundantly

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