Balancing Miracles!

September. It’s my favourite month of the year.  For many, it brings back routine, especially with children returning to school. For me, it means renewal, root vegetables, apples, my anniversary and so much more!

The change of season has always been a favourite of mine. The crisp air, the early morning risers experiencing the darkness and the sun setting earlier approaches us that change is coming.

I’ve spent the summer really reflecting on a message that I have scheduled to “pop up” each morning on my iPhone at 8:00 a.m. This is the time that I am leaving the gym after my morning workout.  It reads, “Be a miracle today!”.

For the past month, I have honed into this at a much deeper level and what I can tell you is that I have helped many people including my own family with true miracles.  I am a bit teary-eyed typing this blog.

Here is a ‘sample’ of the miracles that have happened:

1. My friend JJ got a room at Hospice. It was her only wish for her end of life experience. #blessed

2. My colleague JM’s husband received a liver and had a successful liver transplant operation. #gratitude

3.  My client was lacking the vision of ‘where’ she really wanted to live and work and is now in her dream job in a place she never dreamed she would live! #awesomecoaching

4. My daughter met a new specialist who has changed the quality of her life. #motherdaughterlove

5. I had an inclination of an idea for a dear friend and found a great website through a colleague and bought her a card and had a tree planted for her! #pricelessmoment

6.  Ideas have been popping up so much that I have filled a notebook! #dreamcrusher

7. My friend’s husband is starting to get feeling and movement back in his upper body after a serious illness. #progress

8. Personally, I set my new goals to end my year even bigger than I had thought and it’s all happening. #clarity

9. I’ve decided that 2017 will be more epic and I will continue to manifest miracles and expect the unexpected – because I can and it’s possible. #findyourwhy

10.  Speaking engagements continue to come my way and to have people ask you to speak and want to hear what you have to say. #thankful

This list could go on and on for many more points!

My point this week is that miracles do exist and you only have to ask for them. That is what I have done for my family, friends, colleagues and daily for strangers!

That is what I have done for my family, friends, colleagues and daily for strangers at a much deeper level all summer.

The summer of 2016 has been so memorable. Memories were created and captured with laughter, reflection and photographs to look at and reminisce with the emotion of that moment in time.

May you finish reading this blog and be bold to manifest what miracles you need or want in your life and then overflow to include your friends, colleagues, family members and that stranger you meet.

Join me in walking in Miracle Territory! A location created by my dear friend Tracee Randall, who I love dearly and she inspires me daily.

Hello, September – surprise me….

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