Balance your Worries

This week let’s delve into the emotion of worry.  Why do we worry?

Everyone does it.  Worrying will not stop the bad stuff from happening. It just stops YOU from enjoying the good.

We’ve all heard the expression of a certain percentage (90%) of what we worry about never happens! (have a look here! It’s 85% of us who do!).

We have to trust more in ourselves and the processes within our lives.  You can’t solve a problem that hasn’t happened yet.  I call this having what-if-itis.

Many people have asked me how I can think and live like this.  Here’s my answer plain and simple.  Why worry about tomorrow when it’s not even here yet? Tomorrow will bring about it’s own set of values in challenges, deadlines, etc. My point is enjoying today as it is a gift, hence the name present.

If you find you cannot stop the worry, then there is your ‘indicator’ to lighten the load within your life.  Still the waters.  Pause and reflect on why you are worrying and what events, tasks, people, etc. have allowed you to become worried.

Talking a nice walk outside is a great way to pause, reflect and reset your mind cognitively.  Listen to the birds, breathe in the fresh air and just take everything going on and put it in perspective. Once you do this you can then prioritize what is really important and what is not.

Remember this, a setback is and always will be a setup for the next great event in your life!

Overcome the worry obstacles.  Find your inner strength to and triumph! Become an overcomer. Prosper and live to live.

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