Balance your Qi (or Chi!)

I am currently taking my 200 hour yoga training with her. Jocelyn is a wealth of knowledge and I have also taken her Level 1 Qigong course and it was interesting, uplifting as well as a host of other emotions!

I encourage you to take a weekend for yourself (#selfcare #selflove #worklifebalance) and experience this modality of yoga. You will love it! Enjoy Jocelyn’s blog and she is always open to questions or comments! Her bio is below!

Vital Force Cultivation for Vital Living

We live in a busy, and sometimes, overwhelming world. We work more than we play, we eat on the run, many of us don’t get enough QUALITY sleep, we may find ourselves in circumstances where we work with (or are related to!) people that we may not ‘vibe’ with. We may find our energy tapped by spending our days doing things that don’t feel inspired or inspiring, and then we run out of energy to do the things that DO inspire us. And then there’s stress….that’s a whole blog on its own!

When we find ourselves overwhelmed and unable to ‘deal with’ all of the stressors and energy drains in our lives, we become symptomatic physically, emotionally & mentally.

The Taoists would say that all of this is caused by and brings about stagnant, stuck and/or depleted and deficient Qi, or Vital Force Energy. Essentially the cause is also the result. So what do we do??



You may be wondering, what the heck is ‘Qi’….

Allow me to enlighten you…

In a nutshell…there is an energy that is inside and all around us. Taoists call this energy Qi, or Chi, and it is the Universal energy of creation and vitality. It is the force that animates the body and mind until our physical demise. We have the ability to ‘regulate’ how much Qi we have and use by being mindful about the way that we live our lives. One choice that we can make is to practice Qigong. The ancient practice of Qigong is an experiential immersion into harnessing, cultivating and utilizing this ‘Qi’, or Vital Force for physical, emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual growth and well-being. Although there is a similarity to the underlying principles of a yogic practice, Qigong is based in a unique tradition of it’s own. We use breath, movement and focused intention to connect more deeply with our ‘internal Qi’ and to create a reservoir of energy from ‘external Qi’. The result is a more vital and connected life in all aspects of human existence and interaction.



This workshop will run from 9 am – 4 pm on Saturday September 23rd and Sunday September 24th, 2017.

Our space is limited to 20 people, so the first 20 participants to register and pay will be confirmed.

The practices in this workshop will focus on a transmission of the basic principles of the Taoist 5 Element theory.

Participants will learn how their organs metabolize emotions and will come to understand dynamic practices for expanding their reality, in all ways, through this ancient wisdom.

The cost is $99 for the full 2 day training.

To Register email, or text at 519-702-5333.

Payment by email transfer to

Bio – Jocelyn Brock

Jocelyn is an internationally recognized Yoga & Qigong Teacher, facilitating workshop groups of up to 2300 people as well as one on one practices. As the mother of two beautiful, now grown men, Sawyer & Chase Brock, Jocelyn spent years balancing her work (play) with time at home in Canada & traveling & sharing the practices that she loves.

Jocelyn is a poet, a visionary, a spiritual counselor & lecturer, teaching workshops throughout North America in collaborative venues & through her company Body & Soul To Go.

In 2010 Jocelyn had the opportunity to travel to Ghana Africa & spend 7 weeks teaching Qigong to locals & expatriates, experiencing the depth of profound change that so often comes from visiting Mother Africa.  This journey was the launching pad for the worldwide visions that Jocelyn so clearly sees.

As the host of an Los Angeles based radio show, called ‘I Am the Western Woman’, Jocelyn interviewed Olympic athletes, international recording artists, local heroes, Harvard Professors & countless others who also feel her passion & see her vision.

She is currently writing a book entitled Meet Me At The Highest Common Denominator which, if her husband can keep the fire lit under her butt, will be completed by the end of 2017.

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