Balance your Expectations

Seeing. Believing. Two different avenues that we do each and every day of our lives.

Do you live your life seeing with focus or without focus?

This week, I want to challenge you.  Don’t be satisfied with better.  Keep the faith and challenge yourself to be excellent, deliver excellence and let that be your meter on the abundance gauge, without wavering.

Many successful people are humble and more importantly, quiet. They are grateful and thankful for the abundance that has been implemented into their life.

Live your life with aspirations NOT expectations. When you can wrap your thoughts around this and couple it with laser focus there is nothing that will stop you, your goals and more importantly — your vision!

Many people give up on themselves and their goals and dreams when things get bad or don’t go the way they had planned.

We face our greatest oppositions in life right before the ‘breakthrough’. The unfortunate element is people become impatient and are unaware or “not seeing” the challenge as a lesson in disguise to move forward.

Before you choose to “give up” here’s some strategies that are bound to help you bounce back!

  1. Get up from your desk – sitting disease is real folks!
  2.  Get some exercise — a walk in the cold is a great ‘cognitive recharge’
  3. Splash some cold water on your face – wake up!
  4. Keep hydrating with water – but with balance, have another cup of coffee or a piece of dark chocolate – a great staple for your top desk drawer!
  5. Take a few deep breaths and say your “I am” affirmations – this is crucial daily.

There is no one doing what you do, like you! Be patient, keep going and remember you are a CHAMPION!

“Failure is just practice for success.” -Unknown

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