Balance Your Craving

Deepak Chopra once observed, “Your brain produces a chemical that relays the news of your happiness to all 52 million of your body cells-who rejoice and join.”

Apprehension is part of our daily lives.

It all stems from our belief system and what beliefs we have attached ourselves too.

Work Life Balance is a topic that I thoroughly enjoying talking about, teaching and also blogging about.  It’s a topic that sparks and engages conversation and people are truly divided on the subject.  They either have work life balance or they believe that it’s not possible.  It seems to be a “clear-cut” way of thinking.

Let me have you think for a moment.  Imagine that you decide to passionately believe in something that doesn’t exist “yet”.  Once you create the thought, craft the vision and emotionally feel and see it is possible to have this imaginative thought come to fruition.  How would you feel? Better still, what if you saw it happen and enjoyed the outcome?

When you can adopt the idea that your brain and body are more than capable of converting any fuel into healthy, happy cells you are initiating the process of looking around for evidence that supports your belief.

They are many people who always seem to get what they want.  It is magical? Circumstantial?  No, they believe in their visions, feeling, and beliefs and make it happen.  They are not waiting for a drive-thru effect or a perfect date line for it to happen.  They just know it will.

To have a craving is to have a powerful desire for….something.

Don’t crave work life balance.  Adopt a new way of thinking.  Ask yourself where am I spending my time? Not spending my time? What am I missing? What am I craving?

The good news is that you can start now or tomorrow.  The choice and craving is up to you.

Here’s a chart to get you started. Print off three copies and track your time (be honest) for three weeks.  You will see the trends of where you are spending your time and what areas have no hours spent.

Download it here:

Everyone is always open to tips, so here is a short e-book to get you started:

It saddens me to hear on a daily basis that people feel they have to settle for “what is”.  No you don’t. It’s a choice you have to make or not.

Here’s the good news.  Work life balance is possible. I am living proof as are the many individuals, couples and companies that I am working with.  It starts with a decision to want work life balance followed by a desire to change and make it happen.

“Work Life Balance is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle.” – Mama Deb

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