Balance What You See

Being at the start of a new year allows me to feel excitement, potential and endless possibilities.

My passion is work life balance. My speaking engagements allow me to reach larger audiences as well as present consulting opportunities with companies to assist them (specifically their HR departments) with strategies to help people get off short-term disability claims and back to work.  A win-win all around!

This week, I want you to seriously look at your vision for all things in your life including #worklifebalance.

Work-life balance is the foundation of who we are, what we do, when we do it, etc.

Many of my clients easily become myopic and lose sight of the dreams.  They lose clarity, focus and allow ‘outside forces’ to manipulate their thoughts, decisions and land up on the revolving ‘hamster wheel’ of emotions and repetitive behavior which is not progressive, nor efficient.

We all have negative things happen in our life.  It’s how you choose to ‘view’ these occurrences and more importantly, learn from them….there is always a lesson.

You cannot move forward in life if you choose to look back.  We drive our cars looking out the windshield not the back window…your getting my point here.

Many individuals struggle to let go of their past and that is why they are not moving forward easily into the future.

Two easy strategies:

1.  Stop thinking

2. Don’t dwell

Seems simple doesn’t it?  It’s preventing many of you from accepting and embracing new opportunities. They cannot come to fruition if you are still stuck in the past.

The only way to move from setback to comeback is to let go.  Plain and simple.  Balance your thoughts.  Balance what you see. Become the powerful person you are meant to be and quite frankly want to be.

Become the Queen or King of “getting back up” and keep moving forward.  Don’t accept mediocrity.

In the corners of each day await your discoveries.  Go get ’em!  There is no one else like you and don’t worry about the people chatting.  Your too busy dream crushing to get caught up in nonsense. #inittowin #entrepreneur #success #goals #dreams #2016

Steve Jobs said it best in this graphic image:

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