Balance Rx

It’s the heart that matters.

If you are feeling overworked, overtired and generally overwhelmed, now is the time to recognize, stop and implement a solution before you become so unraveled that you are what I like to say

My prescription is easy, simple and can done virtually anywhere, anytime.

Balance Rx: Ground yourself, once a day and repeat if necessary.

My message this week is that we look for balance in who we are.  We want to have performance versus identity.  Performance is what you do and Identity is who you are.  This is a daily conflict for many people.

Don’t get caught up on your mistakes. It’s who we are as human beings and if you are open to being proactive it can truly be a learning moment.

We work every day and come in contact with many different types of people.  My advice is to have time for the Balance Rx. Give yourself a moment to pause, reflect, breathe and let your body, mind and soul feel true peace.

Yes, I hear you saying….Deb….but….

The peace-stealers are out there!  Be mindful and careful of them when they come along and ensure you boundaries are always in place to practice.

Maintain your inner self with hope, goals, happiness and loads of positive from all sources in your life! You are taking in information both visually and auditory all day long and it loads right in to your subconscious mind!

Be aware of what is pulling you out! Here’s some great strategies to learn, process and practice!

  1. Don’t compare your life to anyone else
  2. Run your own race
  3. It’s easy to take on a false responsibility
  4. Protect your peace
  5. Your life is like a business. You have hours when your open and hours when you are closed.
  6. You cannot be there for everyone all the time
  7. Don’t let anyone hold you back
  8. Don’t be a garbage dump
  9. Protect your emotional energy
  10. Be wise
  11. You can ‘fix’ everyone
  12. Some people do not want to change – don’t enable them

Remember to utilize my Balance Rx. Take as needed and repeat.

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