Authentically Balanced

We’ve all heard the expression “everything happens for a reason”. The truth is that is the way our life has been designed.

The best way to start this blog is that you don’t change your behavior when everything is going smooth and totally awesome in your life. It’s when the imbalance sneaks in and puts you off kilter that you voice your frustration!

Here’s the good news – don’t waste your time, effort or energy on this.  When your life balance is out of sync, it’s part of our life’s architecture. We are not meant to sail through life smoothly.  There are lessons, growth periods and true reflections that are incorporated into our lives through family, friends, experiences and our exposure within our working life, being an employee or an entrepreneur.

Pain, believe it or not is all about allowing us to grow as human beings.  It allows us to see and process a new perspective.

Tough times can be overwhelming — if you allow them.  Another famous expression that I hear frequently is “no pain, no gain”.  Once again, where did this come from?  Benjamin Franklin actually coined this phrase and believe it or not it was from his exercise regime!

When we seek our inner genius we develop something within ourselves that allow us to grow.  The difficulties in our life always prepare us for the next level of growth and greatness.

The bumps on the road of life are meant to turn our pain into purpose.  It’s not to make you feel weak or defeated.

Make a decision to become a warrior not a whiner. You will pleasantly surprise yourself how enlightening this is.  It’s not fun to listen to anyone moan or complain.  On the flip side, it’s inviting and refreshing to be around a happy, smiling, loving life kind of person, that is who I aspire to be every single day of my life.

My best recommendation for Valentine’s Day this weekend – easy.  Lots and lots of self-love, self-care and of course a bit of chocolate.

“One must see things as they are but that doesn’t mean that you can’t change them. – Deborah Crowe

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